Which data solution providers is the gambling industry betting on?

Monday, 5 February 2024

The gambling industry makes its own bets. One of these is the choice of data solution provider. We are talking about a highly digitised industry, where success is influenced by security solutions, data upload speed or scalability. We wanted to find out more about how to choose a data provider for gambling activities in a discussion with Bogdan Gavriluță, Head of International Sales M247 Europe, a leader in cloud, connectivity and data management solutions in Romania.

Bogdan Gavriluță

Games need a safety net


How do you see the importance of data accuracy and reliability for the gaming industry?

Data accuracy and reliability are essential for fairness in the gambling market. If the information is not accurate, there is a risk of loss of player confidence and disputed results. It is essential
for companies in the market to work with reputable data providers who implement rigorous verification and data protection measures. Disaster Recovery services are key. In the event of system crashes or failures, we offer advanced services that enable data recovery and ensure minimal downtime. These are the safety net for the game to continue. M247 invests in upgrading and perfecting its services alongside an extensive team of experts, making it the perfect choice as a technology partner for securing assets.


Real-time quota adjustment


What can you tell us about connectivity? To what extent does it influence the betting experience?

Speed of data delivery is crucial for a compelling betting experience. The faster the data is updated, the faster the odds can be adjusted in real time and the more betting options operators will offer in line with current events. This way, players enjoy a dynamic and interactive experience. M247 is a traditional supplier for com­pa­nies in this sector because we have invested in our data centres to process data quickly and en­sure the best loading speeds.


Rapid expansion of supply


How do I proceed if I want to extend the services or range of sporting events covered?

M247 allows operators to tailor data storage needs as required without large upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure. Extensive event coverage ensures that the diverse prefe-rences of players are catered for. Players have varied interests, and a wider range of options influences the attractiveness of the platform. In addition, operators can offer personalised expe­riences tailored to users’ needs. The solutions offered by M247 also allows the storage needs to be adjusted according to fluctuations in demand. The gambling industry frequently experiences fluctuations in demand, such as during peak hours for certain games or during special events.

Compliance with industry regulations


What can you tell us about personal data protection?

Compliance with local regulations is a priority. M247 has demonstrated a commitment to ethical and legal standards in every area in which we operate. M247 protects sensitive customer data and financial transactions. The platforms include security services offering encryption, access controls and regular security audits that can help casinos comply with industry regulations and protect customer data.


The right price


How do you manage the balance between data quality, cost of service and innovation?

The gambling industry seeks this balance between quality and cost of service and invests in innovation to improve the player experience. Innovations have allowed casinos to remain competitive by quickly introducing new game features and adapting to market dynamics. M247 offers the best value for money through its extensive global presence and large number of partners. We support the growth of companies and public institutions through connectivity, cloud, hosting and cyber security services, including Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.


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