When the difference brings the win before the end of the match

Monday, 3 January 2022

A title that is quite true, real and that takes betting on the final result to another level. At the same time, it shows and strengthens the fact that regardless of the sport – football, hockey, basketball, tennis or baseball, bets on the final result are the most important for both punters and bookmakers.

win before the end of the match

Result at the end of the game – this type of bet is the simplest, easiest to understand and use. Because it’s about winning the game, the match, the sporting event.

We have 3 variants, namely 1, x or 2. They are found in both football and basketball, handball, ice hockey (generally in team sports).

1 – the home team wins. The victory of the team that plays on its own field or considered as such. The difference in goals or points is in favor of the first team.

x – ends in a draw. When the match ends in a draw, each team earns points. There is no difference in goals or points, with each team having the same number.

2 – the visiting team wins. The victory of the team that is not on its own field or considered as such. The difference in goals or points is in favor of the visiting team.

Even if you think you know these definitions very well, in the context of the differences registered in the match, it is good to lean more on them. Why?

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I’ve looked for winning tickets in the trash many times

Yes, it’s true, I happened to throw tickets that turned out to be winners. Because I was not careful and did not pay much attention to the terms and benefits offered by certain bookmakers. In most cases, it was about football matches in which the team I bet on led 2-0 but was tied or even lost the match.

Many sports analysts appreciate that 2-0 is a very dangerous score in football, especially when they register early. Because the team that takes such an advantage can relax and receive goals easily. However, statistics show that these references are more myth than reality, in over 85% of cases the team that records this difference tends to win the game.

The remaining percentage, of 15%, is very high and affects you a lot when betting. Because there can be more tickets that include events with unexpected results. And even if it seems a small percentage, in reality, its impact is much greater.

2 goal lead in football

It is an offer that can be found at several betting operators and applies to both single and ticket bets, multiple bets. In this case, the bet is paid in full if the team whose victory you bet has a two-goal advantage at any time during the match, regardless of the final result.

It is valid only for the final result and only for the 90 minutes of play (with overtime dictated by the referee). At the same time, the bookmaker determines in T&C which are the markets that benefit from this advantage. For this reason it is good to read and know clearly so as not to have further surprises.

Advance in tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball and hockey

Each sport has its peculiarities and I have seen, countless times, that any point or difference of points can represent everything for a winning bet. The examples below are specific to a bookmaker, so variations may occur, but it is important to appreciate the limits set.

In tennis: the bet is considered a winner if the player (or players, in the case of doubles matches) wins any set with a score of 6: 0, regardless of the final result.

There are many tennis matches where a set lost or won 6-0 is not significant. On the contrary, it can cause additional motivation and a fairly easy upheaval.

In basketball: the bet is considered a winner if the team you bet on has a lead of 15 points at any time during the match, regardless of the final result.

15 points is a significant difference, very difficult to recover. Even so, if this difference is recorded in the first half, it can be recovered during the remaining 3 halves.

In volleyball: the bet is considered a winner if the team you bet on has a 2-set lead at any time during the match, regardless of the final result.

Basically, in volleyball, the difference is motivating and can only be reversed accidentally. In the field, however, things are different amid declining concentration or mobilization as a result.

In handball: the bet is considered a winner if the team you bet on has a 6 goals lead at any time during the match, regardless of the final result.

The dynamics of this sport, the events that occur extremely fast can make you believe that the advance is insurmountable. Far from the truth, especially if I think of an elimination that can radically change the game.

What emerges from the above? The fact that in sports there can always be upheavals, unforeseen events that are different from a certain scenario. As a bettor, I automatically consider one or more scenarios when I bet on a match. However, it is impossible to predict certain actions and events, but I try to reduce the risk of losing.

Just as the bookmaker does its best to win from the players, I must take all measures to ensure that I make a profit from my bets. And the advantage of goals or points helps me a lot because I don’t have to cash out, trade, cover with additional bets.

What about quotas?

By “adjusting the odds” in their favor (paying at odds that are lower than what they set to be the true odds) or having a different distribution on the odds, bookmakers aim to make a profit whatever the outcome of a match.

Thus, the odds are ensured at real values on the betting exchanges and the variations in detail are followed. Of course, all this is done by companies, departments or specialized software, often third parties. Many bookmakers buy events and odds from providers and manage them by applying margins.

In practice, a bookmaker may try to reduce its risks by buying bets from other bookmakers or exchange bookmakers.

In other cases, bookmakers do not try to make a lot of money from specific bets, but small amounts from major differences. Their working methods are similar to those of a broker, who balances the financial results.


Read the Terms and Conditions of each betting operator separately, as you may be lucky enough to win one of your bets if it meets certain of the requirements set out above. It’s better that way than to end up looking for it in the trash…

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