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Wednesday, 15 February 2023

I would have used quotation marks for the phrase “safe bets” but quickly gave up on the idea. Because a punter operates under risk, without (often) quality information and statistical data and under time pressure. Under these circumstances, the concept of safety (of a bet) can take on different meanings. I choose my bets according to the certainty I give to each event.

You already know that an event refers to the occurrence or non-occurrence of a certain phenomenon or situation. It is linked to a certain experience. In a Manchester City – Fulham 1 @1.26 X @4.20 2 @9.50 match, I expect the Citizens to win. Based on previous results, form, the analysis they do and (subjectively) anticipating a desired outcome. It can happen that I ignore the risks of a possible syncopation of the hosts. In other words, an event to which I give a high degree of security.

An event is called certain if we are sufficiently well informed that it has occurred or will occur in the future with certainty, otherwise we are dealing with an uncertain event. This is the case for top teams that have a string of consecutive wins on which we anticipate the same return. In other words, whether an event is certain or uncertain is a judgment of the punter who decides based on the information available at the time.

safest types of bets

The production of an event is closely linked to the achievement of a number of conditions. Thus, the certain event can be considered as the event that occurs every time the conditions are met.

The probability of an event equals the number of favorable cases/number of possible cases. It is clear that the number of favorable cases (i.e. those cases in which the considered event occurs) cannot be greater than the number of possible cases, so the probability is ≤1 always. In other words, if you there are 10 Liverpool – Leeds matches, Liverpool can’t win 11 times.

If an experience is repeated n times, a result of it cannot occur more than once.

Basically, let’s see what are considered the safest types of bets knowing all of the above:


Victory for the team considered the big favorite

It is considered the safest type of bet, even if the discussions are endless. Betting on the (clear) favorite team is appreciated and used by most players. However, it is good to look carefully, to distinguish between a valuable quote and one that involves too much risk. It is one thing to bet @1.35 and another to bet @1.16.

Many analysts believe that in the case of these events, operators are significantly reducing odds based on psychological impact. For example, in Real Madrid – Cadiz, the hosts win at @1.40. Bookmakers can increase the margin and lower the odds to @1.25 on the assumption that they will bet heavily on the big favorite.

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Over 1.5 goals

An extremely popular bet type alongside over/under 2.5 goals. In this case, the chances of having at least 2 goals in a game are quite high, therefore, the odds will also suffer being quite low. It is a type of bet that is based on both statistics and an appreciation of the form of offensive players.

The logic of football is goals, but let’s not forget that at any point in the game a team is happy with the result on the scoreboard. Over 1.5 goals means any final result less 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1.


Double Chance

1X, 12 or X2 double chance covers two final outcomes of an event. It is a type of bet that gives players more confidence. Easy to use, easily accessible but leads to lower potential winnings compared to the simple 1, X or 2 sign.

It can be used both as a single ticket and on multi-match tickets. It lends itself very well to betting strategies, can easily be used to get odds @2.00 or @3.00 and, importantly, is easy to track and control.

DNB – Unbeatable victory

The meaning of DNB (Draw No Bet) is to eliminate a tie as the final outcome of an event. This is done by giving you odds @1.00, basically you get your money back at X. So 1DNB has a higher odds than 1X and 2DNB has a higher odds than X2. The fact that you don’t lose (but you don’t win) in the event of a draw gives you more confidence in your choice.


Handicap (+) in favour of favorite team

In the case of this type of bet, we take into account low odds and therefore high probability of success. The reason for a handicap bet is to even the odds in a duel that is considered unbalanced. Thus, the lower-ranked team starts the match with a (hypothetical) advantage of one, two or even three goals. In the case of the Asian handicap, we are talking about 1.5 goals, 2.5 goals or even 3.5 goals.

When we use this type of bet the other way around, the odds of winning increase greatly but the odds become extremely low. And the wins will also be very small.

The concept of a safe bet always accompanies players. Whether the stakes are low, medium or high, the criteria are left to the individual.

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