Werner Hahnl, CEO at Interslot GamingTechnology: “Our goal is to offer to our customers a clear alternative to big player politics”

Friday, 1 September 2023

For the first time in our magazine, the CEO of the Austrian company Interslot Gaming Technology, Mr. Werner Hahnl, reveals a bold perspective of the plans and objectives that the company has for our country and gives in the following material a very well documented description of the products and services that this company wants to offer to the Romanian gambling market. On this occasion you will also learn that Interslot Gaming Technology is intensively involved in the development and design of games and game packages and has researched the Romanian gambling market very well, discovering relatively quickly that what our customers are looking for the company already provides in other countries having already a solid experience in other markets.

Werner Hahnl, CEO at Interslot GamingTechnology

I saw that your company produces Cabinets, Games, Jackpots, VLT and Software. Which is the main business of yours?

The product portfolio includes the development and production of gaming machines, video lottery systems as well as jackpot systems. In addition, Interslot Gaming Technology is involved in the development and design of games and game packages intensively.

The main business of our company is the sale and rental of gaming machines, this is also our strategy for the gambling market in Romania.


Interslot Gaming Techonlogy will be present at EAE 2023 with a booth. Please tell me what is your intention in Romania. What kind of products and services you want to offer to our market?

That is correct, we are at the Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest for the first time and we are proud to present our new gaming machines here.

Our goal is to offer to our customers a clear alternative to big player politics. Our plan is to sell and rent high quality gambling machines with everything around like jackpot systems or accessories. We have prepared ourselves very well for the market and its requirements and we are happy to present our product in Romania.

Interslot GamingTechnology

Which is your main focus in Romania right now?

Clearly the sale and rental of our new gaming machines. We definitely want to enter this market, because we are convinced in the succes of our product – especially for the market in Romania. This market has a lot of potential and we want to be a part of it in the future in order to pave the ways for positive growth and to serve our customers.


Your cabinets Winliner 27 are very interesting. Can you please tell me what they have in plus comparing with other cabinets from romanian market?

We have developed the new Winliner 27 cabinet after very long planning and market observation in order to be able to offer a powerful alternative to the competition precisely for markets such as the Romanian one. We offer our new machine optionally with all common peripherals on the market to provide the best possible solution for our customers. We will present our gaming machine in a price segment where we will meet the demands of our customers enabling growth and profitability. We can only recommend every customer to visit us at the fair and ensure themselves.

Winliner 27

Tell me more things about your games? Romanian market is very concurential market and a lot of companies which produce games are already here.

That is correct, we studied the market very well and found out relatively quickly that what the customers are looking for, we already offer in many countries. Therefore we have a good chance to put our product on the market. With our game package for Romania, we cover pretty much everything that the players please to find in a game such as high resolution graphics and animations, game expirience, first class game logics and much more..

The big players are in every market and the fact that they are also in Romania encouraged us to come here. We are convinced in the success and playfulness of our games and our customers and their players will recognize it as well.


Jackpots are very loved by romanian players. I saw that Interslot has Jackpots Systems in portofolio. How could be implemented easy in gaming halls?

We offer numerous jackpot systems that score points above all for their ease of implementation and player friendlyness. Our jackpot systems can be operated in all forms by the customer, whether in combination with our machines, or combined with jackpots from third-party suppliers, locally or as a wide area jackpot. We are also offering a Happy Hour Jackpot and therefore make the quiet times in a gaming hall interesting for players.

Can you describe me your VLT solution? This kind of product is very interesting, especially for National Lotteries. Can you tell me more about it?

VLT is a server-based gaming system that can be used in many variants, for example for the operation of supra-regional slot machine networks or to meet certain customer- and country-specific requirements.

Key features of VLT systems are the strictly secured gaming mechanics and the direct connection to a usually governmental, supervisory authority. The Interslot VLT Video Lottery solution is the perfect combination of security, accuracy, transparency, simplicity and flexibility. All game functions and mathematics are handled by a central server, and the game is replayed on the connected machines. Our product is an online-based VLT solution equipped with sophisticated security features. Since all system levels allow unlimited reporting possibilities, there are a number of optimisation possibilities and advantages for the operator, both in financial and marketing terms.

In summary, Interslot Gaming Technology’s VLT represents a modern and powerful VLT solution, which is characterized in particular by high security and maximized profit opportunities for the operator.


A final word for our readers which will be presents at EAE 2023 in September.

Many experienced operators will come to the fair in Bucharest and we invite them to pass by at our booth to see our product and hear about our visions or simply for a little rest or refreshment. We have done our homework and are really looking forward to the fair as well as meeting new contacts and business friends for the future. See you at the Entertainment Arena Expo Bucharest.

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