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Wednesday, 9 November 2022

You get quality entertainment, you get entertainment to match your expectations. This is what Vlăduț thought when he decided to continue on this path in 2022. Only this time Vlăduț discovered that he was also talented at music, and with the help of his good friend Cabron, he released the liveliest year-end hit in music. In addition, Vlăduț is also going to Nostalgia Imaginarium at Romexpo on 10-12 November and is waiting for you with the most clever games ever.




ExtraordiSmecherie! Vlăduț launched into music with Cabron

Vlad’s first song and video release with Cabron took place recently. “In the Air” is already a hit. Its catchy melody line and pleasant, summer vibe that takes you on a journey of fun and relaxation blend harmoniously with the images of Vlăduț surrounded by friends and raising his hands in the air to feel the freedom that passes through your fingers as the yacht speeds through the water. The video is very cool and I invite you to watch it in full here.

I’ll leave you with some lyrics that I really like:

“And if I lose I still win

I ain’t afraid of nothing, nothing…

Everybody hands in the air

There’s no room for a sucker around here…”

Vlad Cazino continues his partnership with Nostalgia

Nostalgia generates a large audience thanks to good music, retro fashion, fun activities, games and even gastronomic experiences. And Vlad Cazino is continuing their partnership because it’s more fun to have fun with friends. After the success of the edition at the end of June, the festival of experiences and emotions, Nostalgia, is back and proposes a new experience – Nostalgia Imaginarium, an event that will take place between 10-12 November at Romexpo in Bucharest, and continuing the tradition, Vlăduț will be there and will be responsible for the fun and good mood.

In this way Vlad Casino, the first online casino with a Romanian brand, based on a concept implemented by a world leading operator in this field, reaffirms its support for quality entertainment and keeps its direction as a promoter of quality entertainment.

Nostalgia is about friends, experiences, memories, feelings and emotions. Nostalgia connects generations and Vlad Casino connects you with quality entertainment. Nostalgia and Vlad Cazino share a passion for originality and top-notch entertainment, and this coming weekend you’ll get it all, because it’s always summer in our hearts. On the shenanigans, on Nostalgia, see you next weekend at Romexpo! We suggest you come early, because there’s a lot to experience.

Tickets start at 55 lei for general access on Thursday (10.11) and go up to 150 lei for general access on Friday (11.11) and 175 lei for Saturday (12.11). VIP tickets cost 500 lei/person regardless of the day you attend.

Vlad Cazino and quality entertainment, a success story

Since 2018, Vlad Cazino has been a winning bet. This brand being one of the most successful online casinos in Romania and one of the important brands of Kindred Group. The original concept and humorous approach through the animated character, the funny vampire Vlăduț, made it easier for the public to identify with the brand’s characteristics, and the association between Vlad Cazino and quality entertainment made Romanians appreciate the brand’s values even more and remain loyal to it.

The balanced consumption of all types of entertainment has made Vlad Cazino associate its image with stand-up comedy and with actor Cătălin Bordea, who is a brand ambassador.

Then the collaboration with Untold materialized through special benefits for fans and actual participation in the festival.

Of course, let’s also point out that Vlăduț, Vlad Cazino’s brand image, is a vampire. And the image of Dracula, the dark castles and the flying bats is part of Romania’s country brand in terms of tourism and a very important element of worldwide recognition for our country.

This year a new collaboration started in full swing, this time with the famous rapper Cabron, and music started to be more and more present in Vlăduț’s life, so this summer we had Vlad Arena by Vlad Cazino, in Costinești.

At the Summer Theatre in this resort preferred by most young people for intense fun on the Romanian seaside, between 15 July and 28 August, Vlad Cazino has prepared Vlad Arena by Vlad Cazino, a series of trap concerts and stand-up shows in Costinești, a special party dedicated to trap music fans – one of the trendy music genres among young people in Romania.

Technology and responsibility go hand in hand

What would be fun without cutting-edge technology. Let’s not forget that Vlad Cazino is a brand that shares entertainment through the internet and technology. So the diversified offer, with hundreds of successful slots plus online casino and bingo rooms are part of Vlad Cazino’s slick universe. The intense Live Casino, Jackpot Poker and Virtual Betting experiences harmoniously complement the experiences and emotions you have when playing your favourite games on vladcazino.ro whether you do it from your phone or tablet, via the Android app or directly in the browser, everything is optimised and designed to be user-friendly.

In addition, Vlad Casino is the operator that wants to know you are safe and does everything it can to help you behave responsibly when you want to have fun.

Responsibility is a strategic direction for Vlad Casino, allocating financial and human resources to eliminate the revenue from “harmful gambling” and they have invested in Artificial Intelligence technologies through which to identify excessive behavior in a timely manner.

In the words of Vlăduț: “Never hesitate to ask for help, mortal! We have an information centre where you can find everything you need and where you can always talk to an operator at the touch of a button”. We’ll leave you the link here: https://vladcasino-ro.helpsite.cloud/home .

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