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Thursday, 12 October 2023

Over the years we have observed the constant evolution of the VLAD CAZINO brand and this only makes us happy and encourages us to be confident for the future of the online gambling industry in Romania. As usual, VLAD CAZINO is a trendsetter in terms of communication by constantly continuing to communicate responsibility towards this entertainment first and foremost, but also to convey messages that stick in the mind of the consumer of this kind of entertainment – being funny and memorable at the same time.


VLAD CAZINO entertains us right from the ads he promotes

One of the most important things I want to highlight about the way VLAD CAZINO manages to entertain us is the fact that he does this right from the launch of the ads he promotes in the media. Look, for example, their latest TV spot refers to a promotion related to luxury watches, but the way actors Cătălin Bordea and Nelu Cortea give life to a scene inspired by the famous film, The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson, amuses us a lot. VLAD CAZINO knows how to make us laugh and cheer us up. After all, that’s what it’s all about when you want to unwind or relax, log on to an online site like vladcazino.ro and join in the fun with a smile.

Vlăduț has grown up

If in the commercials of previous years we had the animated appearance of the character Vlăduț, now the communication becomes “serious”. The duo Bordea – Cortea makes a splash. The days of Vlăduț are over. Even if I liked the little vampire, now VLAD CAZINO gives me the feeling of fulfillment, of closing a chapter in the life of the brand and opening a new one, closer to the young audience that wants cool stuff to stand out. Take Breitling watches, for example. I’ll make a confession, I’m crazy about these watches and I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but I keep telling myself I’d better wait because I have other priorities. This promotion fit me like a glove.

The online operator has made efforts over time to mature the brand’s image and now wanted an increased focus on ambassadors with limited animated character presence, and this has led to a significant increase in communication quality. Vlăduț is cute, but in the end he is an animated character, and this move focused more on funny scenes and the acting of the Bordea-Cortea duo seems more inspired to me. Good for them! VLAD CAZINO succeeds in this way to convey more mature messages, while maintaining the brand’s characteristic note of fun.


Quiet, please, action…and more action

Also in the idea of obvious action, Vlad Casino has emphasized its involvement in entertainment in a balanced way, stimulating not only online entertainment through the slots and table casino games content on its platform, but also offline entertainment at the highest level. The idea that you can re-enact a scene from a famous movie can be a fun exercise for all of us when we get together with friends. The more memorable the films, the more lasting the impact. The action and suspense conveyed by those scenes with Jack Nicholson give me the same electric thrill (see the end of the scene between Cortea and Bordea with the car battery) all over my body, as if I’m seeing the film now for the first time.

Responsible gambling remains a priority for VLAD CAZINO

Responsible gaming has been and will remain the main focus of the brand and its parent group, Kindred Group.

Responsible gaming in Vlad Cazino’s vision means only positive effects and balanced fun.  Recently, there has been a big and successful campaign aimed at increasing players’ awareness of the negative effects of an unbalanced game, with Florin Piersic Jr. at the forefront. “Journey to Zero”, as Kindred Group’s company-wide Responsible Gaming Campaign is called, is not just a marketing promise in the spirit of corporate social responsibility but a set of concrete goals and actions.

Vlad Casino locally supports the campaign initiated by Kindred Group through state-of-the-art technology, with specialized teams experienced in analyzing the gambling behavior of players on the site, acting in a timely manner to mitigate as much as possible any negative aspect of gambling. The goal is a very important one for VLAD CAZINO – the total elimination of gambling problems for their clients. In its most recent reports, Kindred Group presented very good results of these efforts, but also ambitious plans to accelerate action in favour of responsible gambling in all markets where the company is present, including Romania.

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