VLAD CASINO values in hindsight 2023

Wednesday, 20 December 2023

At Vlad Casino fun is more than winning

Let’s talk about Vlad Casino. But I’d like to talk about them in the context of the year 2023 and the brand values they promote. We will now present a retrospective of the actions taken by Vlad Cazino this year and a review of its successes. You will be amazed to see how naturally and naturally this brand has moved to the next level of its business. For these things Vlad Cazino was awarded by Casino Inside magazine on December 7th 2023, during the 9th edition of the Romanian Gaming Celebration – Casino Inside Awards Gala, with the prizes Best Online Casino Operator in 2023 and Best Responsible Gaming Campaign in 2023!


Vlad Cazino brand values

Vlad Cazino has promoted since its launch: a complete offer dedicated to quality entertainment, Responsible Gaming, promoting an image where fun is above winning, novelty as a media promotion, partnership with Romanian entertainment. This whole package has been upgraded and enhanced in this extraordinary year for Vlad Casino.

But what I appreciated most about Vlad Casino’s values in 2023 was taking the whole business to the next level. This whole mix of fun, responsibility and unique promotion was done with the player in mind, and the player never felt the negative effect of this form of entertainment – playing at an online casino.

The player has been the focus of this operator. All the time Vlad Cazino was thinking, honestly, how to make it better for him. This year we have seen a relationship between the operator and its customer, beyond a natural commercial relationship between a service provider and a beneficiary.

Vlad Cazino, through his actions showed that he is genuinely concerned that the player does not suffer in this process of unleashing the everyday. Which is absolutely normal. People choose to have fun in online casinos, they should not think of winning as a mandatory or normal outcome of the entertainment action. Winning if it has come or is to come is just a bonus, not an end in itself!

Thank you for that Vlad Casino! I hope more and more operators will follow your example in the future.

Vlad Casino and its complete offer dedicated to quality entertainment

In its casino Vlad Cazino welcomes us with modernity and a lot of organisation, leaving nothing to chance. The shrewd character, Vlăduț, has grown up. He’s as jovial and mischievous as ever, but he’s getting to know his virtual guests better and better. You have casino games, live casino, bingo, poker or even virtual betting.

This year, people had a lot of fun playing Drops & Wins, Megaways and fruit slots. But the slots where you can buy specials were also quite popular.

In their casino you can find slots from over 40 online gaming providers, from EGT, Pragmatic Play, Evolution, NETENT, Relax Gaming, Playtech to Blueprint Gaming and Green Tube.

This fall, the biggest jackpot in Vlad Casino’s history was also awarded! 3 million lei went to a very, very lucky person. And in December, another lucky lucky winner from Bucharest took the Red Heart Jackpot on the Shining Crown at Vlad Cazino. With a bet of 5 lei he won 135,244 lei!

As we are in Christmas month, I remind you that Vlad Cazino has a rich section of holiday-themed games! Player favourites include Sweet Bonanza Xmas from Pragmatic Play, Saint Nicked from Blueprint Gaming or Christmas Joker from Play’n Go.

Also related to the month of gifts, Vlad Casino has prepared some epic promotions for you in December, of which I will mention just a few: Surprise prizes of 700,000 Ron or 1,000,000 Ron on Holiday Spins Splash.

Responsible Gaming, the cornerstone of the Vlad Cazino brand

Vlad Cazino’s responsibility is you, every player who crosses its virtual threshold on a daily basis or occasionally when you feel like having some fun. And this has been seen with the biggest campaign designed exclusively to raise awareness of the dangers of overstepping the boundaries of fun and moving into a pathological zone, where the player has forgotten to have fun…

The collaboration with Florin Piersic Jr., who played the role of the Responsible in their campaign this summer, was a great success! It was the culmination of the efforts that the Vlad Cazino team makes year after year to draw the attention of its customers to the fact that vladcazino.ro is just a land of good cheer, not a place to make money!

For Vlad Cazino and for Kindred Group’s other brand operating in Romania, Unibet, responsibility towards consumers of entertainment is a true philosophy of life and business, not a marketing campaign to look good in the eyes of public opinion. That’s where the future lies, and Vlad Cazino generously reveals it.

Games and fun in general should not bring people suffering, only joy. And even if for a small percentage of players the casino games played on their site bring frustration and become harmful, you should know that Vlăduț does not abandon them to the clutches of despair, but on the contrary, has put artificial intelligence and technology of the highest level to work so that no one, no player’s life or their family’s life is affected by any moment of weakness. Thus was born “Journey to Zero”, a project that aims to make 0% of their gaming platform’s revenue from zero harmful gambling in no time.

At Vlad Casino, fun is more important than winning

How Vlad Casino did it this year? First of all, he continued with his basic ideas, the ones he started with 5 years ago and from which he has never abdicated: he used novelty as promotion and created a partnership with Romanian entertainment.

All the promotions of the marketing campaigns start from the idea of entertainment. The brand’s current images: Vlăduț, Cătălin Bordea and Nelu Cortea inspire you and convey the idea of fun, you enjoy seeing them, they are funny. They are always immediate and original, they have their own language, witty. Together with them they have created unique content. Look, for example, probably the greatest marketing campaign of all time for a casino brand, produced a series of spots based on the movie The Shining, the one starring Jack Nicholson. Of course, we’re talking about the Breitling campaign but also the current Christmas campaign currently running. This year has shown us that Vlad Cazino is a true entertainment communicator and a trendsetter when it comes to communication!

They turned a promotion related to luxury watches into a series of spots that surprised us, but mostly put us in a good mood! Who would have thought that a movie as scary as The Shining could become so funny with Bordea and Cortea in the lead roles 🙂 It’s the kind of campaign that every marketer loves to be able to convey to the audience, because it’s funny, memorable and it’s not about money, it’s cashless…It targets the good feelings, the joy, the release from the everyday and makes you think: what’s next?

The partnership with Romanian entertainment continued in force in 2023. For example, the partnership between Vlad Cazino and the Nostalgia festival (held from June 29 to July 2) continued and offered those who chose to have fun here a place that brings back the music of the 90s and 2000s in the ever young hearts of the participants.

Vlad Arena 2 (which took place from 11 July to 26 August), also held in Costinești, continued the series of trap concerts and stand-up comedy shows, with special trap parties dedicated to trap music fans – one of the most popular music styles among young people in Romania.

I don’t know what Vlad Cazino has in store for us in the coming year, but I’m sure we’ll see him continue his mission to entertain and empower us, because that’s the only way we’ll be left smiling until the end.

Happy birthday, Vlad Casino! May you have a 2024 as you wish, and to all the hairdressers in Vlăduț’s kingdom of fun we wish you lots of fun and good times!

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