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Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Vlad Casino continues its string of “different” marketing campaigns by launching a new challenge for Vlad’s fans. The cute character that represents the spirit of adventure and fun found on vladcazino.ro feels he needs a change, he wants a big change in his life as a vampire, always caught between night and day, he wants to be OM.

Vlad Casino

The challenge: can you be the next Vlad?

So Vlad is in a crisis and needs a change. He wants to be human, but to do that he needs a body, and to do that he invites all of us to show our “inner Vlad”.

How do we do that? Simple. Customers of the vladcazino.co.uk website have to upload videos demonstrating their vampire abilities to the “eusuntvlad.co.uk” website. For signing up they will receive a guaranteed gift from Vlad and also have the chance to become the human image of the vampire trickster.

A brief review of the evolution of the Vlad Cazino brand

With a history of over 6 years, Vlad Cazino has accustomed us to its timeless and constantly fun-oriented image. The dynamism of the brand has remained constant and has consisted of collaborations with famous music festivals (Untold, Nostalgia), entertainment in the world of stand-up comedy (association with big names such as Cătălin Bordea, Micutzu or Nelu Cortea), but also the association of the brand with responsibility and safety, such as the recent collaboration with Florin Piersic Jr. In his short existence, let’s not forget another characteristic side of Vlad: originality. From its outstanding awards such as the Harley Davidson motorcycles to the Vladmobil Mustang, its campaigns through which loyal players got to enjoy the sun in Egypt to the premium caravan with which you could travel all over Romania and beyond, all represented an organic and natural evolution of this brand in our eyes.

How to participate in the new Vlad Casino campaign

Sign up on eusuntvlad.ro by filling in your name and phone number. Your account will be created automatically. Each participant who wants to join the casting must upload a video of maximum 15 seconds including at least 3 characteristic poses of Vlad, such as:

– Wiggling eyebrows

– Showing fangs or a wide smile

– Simulating the flight of a bat

However, there is no limit to how much participants can imitate Vlad and they can do a variety of things to demonstrate their vampire skills, such as the way Vlad talks or the way he dresses or behaves.

Technically, your video must be portrait framed, at a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and no larger than 25 Mega.

In terms of content, your video should be decent, not include nudity, drugs or alcohol, and be clear and understandable about what you are doing or what you want to convey.

How Vlad will repay us if we give him a little of our body

After uploading your video, Vlad will reward you with a promotional code with 200 spins on the Big Bass Splash game that you can use if you have an account at vladcazino.ro and more importantly the possibility that your video will be chosen as the winner in the casting and then used in the next Vlad Casino marketing campaign.

More news from Vlad Casino to come later this year

Vlad Cazino is planning this year a change on all levels of its marketing message, complementing the current communication channels with new ones that will enhance the overall image of the brand of this beloved and multi-awarded Romanian online casino.

Finally, we whisper a first news from behind the scenes, namely that in mid-March will debut the Order of the Immortals – a “club” dedicated to loyal players who will be rewarded with generous rewards.

We’re excited about Vlăduț’s plan to transcend immortality in reverse and experience things from the world of his mortal fans as well, and we can’t wait for the crazy, fun new experiences this year!

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