TV Series-inspired gaming slots in 2024

Friday, 16 February 2024

Slots inspired by TV series can feature many interesting characters and features. Most of the time, TV slots are well-designed, with stunning visuals and even amazing video content, therefore they are fun, engaging and worth trying. That’s pretty much what a “standard” introduction would sound like. But slots are not standard and don’t fit into any boring pattern.

TV Series-inspired gaming slots

So are some series that keep our attention, fascinate us with their intrigue and action and make us find new reasons to appreciate the characters. Game of Thrones has been a real success, as has Family Guy or other titles based on comic strips. It’s no wonder that version II, III appear, each improved and better adapted. A “The Hotties” slot would be more of a challenge, but let’s take a look at the new slots I like:

Walking Dead II

The Walking Dead: Zombie Invasion, is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series produced by Frank Darabont based on the 2003 comic book series of the same name The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The series tells the story of a small group of survivors led by Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. It has become hugely popular, with the characters’ adventures generating a lot of extremely interesting questions and plots.

Walking Dead

The advent of the dedicated slot was a huge success and fully confirmed. The Walking Dead II impressed by bringing the characters of Negan, Rick Grimes, Daryl and Michonne to the reels, gorgeous graphics and a spine-tingling soundtrack.

If you’re a fan of the show, this slot is not to be missed. And if not, the graphics, the dynamics of the game, the environment created can win you over immediately. The stated RTP is 95.84% and comes with 5 columns, 3 lines and 25 payout combinations. Medium volatility and movie atmosphere.

Narcos Mexico

Inspired by the Mexican drug war, criminal gang violence, originally intended to be a sequel to Narcos. However, it has become a stand-alone, action-packed, unpredictable story that explores the violent world of the Mexican cartels. And it’s all seen through the eyes of an undercover drug officer struggling to gather evidence and proof to break up the criminal organisation.

Narcos Mexico

A series considered intelligent, with a refined script but full of violence and intrigues typical of the cartels. And the slot is created using comic book graphics in a very realistic style. Where you add the fact that it comes with a soundtrack directly related to the series and throws you right into the middle of the action.

A slot with very high volatility and a stated RTP of 95.70%. Not a very high RTP but it makes up for it with 243 paylines and the fact that you can win up to 10,486 X bet.


Inspired by the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, this historical series is much loved. The stories of the Vikings inspire a terrible desire for adventure, exploration, the unknown but also feats of bravery, courageous acts and passion.

The series chronicles the lives and actions of the Viking band and Ragnar’s family as well as his path to the throne of the Viking tribes. As well as being a fearless fighter, Ragnar embraces tradition and devotion to the gods, with legend saying he was a direct descendant of Odin, the Norse god of war and protector of warriors.


Quite simply, it’s a title not to be missed. Neither is the slot, one with excellent mechanics, fairytale atmosphere and very realistically drawn characters. A very “alive”, very intense game that keeps you in a “battle ready” state.

High volatility and a reported RTP of 96.05%, 3 lines, 5 columns and 243 paylines. You can “fight” alongside Bjorn, Floki, Lagertha and especially alongside Ragnar Lothbrok.

I put Vikings at the top of my list, but preferences can be very subjective. Maybe you like Narcos Mexico better or, why not, Family Guy or another slot inspired by TV series.

One of the best slot game strategies is 5 spins. This means that on each slot you play you draw 5 hands or a multiple of 5. It can be 10, 15, 25 or whatever you choose. This way you quickly test how the game makes payouts but you can quickly quit and try something else. You have the great advantage that you see as much as possible, test as much as possible while respecting the rules of the bet and the number of spins.

Because I don’t like to limit my options, but to see as much as possible, to discover, to explore. And slots are a fabulous universe, a world where you can find all the stories.

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