Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales for Europe at SUZOHAPP: “Our goal is to offer innovative solutions that enable sportsbooks to enhance operations, maximize revenue, and provide an enjoyable betting experience for customers”

Thursday, 7 September 2023

Tim Kennedy returns to the pages of our magazine with a piece in which he addresses topics of interest to bookmakers and lotteries. The SUZOHAPP Vice President of European Sales also explains how important technology is to the retail sports betting industry, shows how in-play betting dominates the sports betting scene in Europe and highlights the importance of automating the process of buying a lottery ticket. But Tim has a wealth of experience and communicates very well, and you’ll be able to find out a lot more interesting things about SUZOHAPP products.

Tim Kennedy

What role do you see technology playing in the future of retail sports betting?

Technology has had a profound impact on sports betting, transforming the industry and the way people engage with it. The introduction of online platforms and mobile betting apps has made it accessible to a broader audience, allowing anyone with an internet connection to par­ticipate. The addition of real-time wagering and in-play betting has increased the excitement and interac­tivity of the betting experience. Tech­nology also has a crucial role to play in improving the cus­tomer experience and enhancing the efficiency and profitability of operators in retail sports betting. For instance, the SUZOHAPP sports betting ecosystem can help operators streamline their processes and optimize transactions by eliminating time-consuming tasks like bet veri­fication, securing, and payouts. Self-service ter­minals have further revolu­tionized the betting ex­perience, empowering customers to indepen­dently place and manage their bets, making the whole process more enjoyable. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect further inno­vations in the sports betting industry, shaping how we interact with sports and wagering. However, it is critical to maintain a balance bet­ween technological advancements and res­pon­sible gambling prac­tices to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable betting experience for all partici­pants. Player protection is paramount, and va­rious jurisdictions are exploring the use of auto­mated age verifi­cation systems in retail en­­viron­ments. By incor­porating facial recognition tech­no­logies, age verification can be effectively regulated, reducing the need for operator per­sonnel to make such decisions.


In Europe, in-play betting is considered one of the most significant forms of gaming preferences. Can this form of betting revolutionize the retail space?

Technology has revolutionized the betting industry with the introduction of in-play betting. With real-time updates and the ability to wager instantly during matches, bettors can take advantage of ever-changing odds influenced by the events on the field. This creates an immersive and thrilling betting experience, engaging users throughout the game rather than just before it starts. In Europe, in-play betting dominates the sports betting scene, although traditional kiosks support the retail market to some extent. However, there is a significant opportunity for the retail market to capitalize on this aspect of the betting cycle by investing in the right hardware mix. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving retail betting industry. Our goal is to offer innovative solutions that enable sportsbooks to enhance operations, maximize revenue, and provide an enjoyable betting experience for customers. To achieve this, we have developed the SBT-2000 seated and SBT-500+ bartop models that provide convenient betting options for customers to place bets while watching the game, ultimately encouraging higher spending. With our immersive betting terminals, every sports book seat guarantees maximum revenue generation.

You unveiled your new instant ticket vending machine at the European Lottery Congress in June. Can you provide additional information about this new product? We are also interested in hearing about the feedback it received at the event.

At the event, we introduced the IVT-9000, an advanced scratch instant ticket vending machine that enhances the lottery player experience. Not only does this innovative machine meet the evolving needs of the lottery industry, but it also has the potential to excel in other promotional spaces like casinos or clubs. One of the standout features of the IVT-9000 is its self-service functionality, which addresses the issue of understaffed retail environments and the subsequent decline in ticket sales. By automating the purchase process, this machine provides retailers with a reliable ticket marketplace where they can personally choose and acquire instant tickets. Additionally, the IVT-9000 boasts a flexible platform with various dispenser options and seamlessly integrates diverse payment systems, including cash and online wallets. The positive response to our product at the event signifies the market demand for a solution that can effectively overcome industry challenges.

Can you provide an overview of what we can expect to see at your stand during the upcoming SBC Barcelona event?

We are excited to exhibit for the first time at this year’s SBC Barcelona. Visit our booth SB66 for a seamless betting experience with automated processes, from cashier to bet to payout. You will discover our cutting-edge sports betting ecosystem that includes our range of self-service kiosks, such as the bar top model, over-the-counter unit, and cash redemption terminal. Also, don’t forget to save the date for September 21 to join our speaker panel discussion on the evolution of omnichannel strategies and their impact on player experience. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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