The world’s most expensive skis

Thursday, 15 February 2024

As the ski season has started, we want to give you a handy top of the most expensive skis in the world. You can’t go to Poiana Brasov without showing off your ski equipment and especially your skis.

The brands we’re about to introduce you to have taken customisation and quality of finish to a whole new level. Here you go:


Zai Saint Laurent Skis, $11,605

Zai Saint Laurent Skis

First up in our top picks are Yves Saint Laurent skis but worked in collaboration with the folks at Zai. The 164cm skis are made from rubber, ash and poplar wood, as well as titanium. They have a sleek and sleek look, using black on black tones. These also have Saint Laurent print on the bases. I wouldn’t say they stand out from anything. For those who are into luxury and also have the budget to back up these wicks, the Zai Saint Laurent are a purchase that can entitle you to say you own some of the most expensive skis in the world.


Pinel & Pinel / Lacroix Ski Set, $57,000

Coming in at #2 on our top list, very close to the top spot, is ski brand Lacroix, which collaborated with Pinel & Pinel, a Paris-based manufacturer of luxury bags, chests and accessories, to create these carbon fiber skis. The skis come with a stylish full-leather bag design, which is easy to use with the wheels underneath. Only ten sets of these skis were made and they sold for $57,000 each. In the package you also get a pair of leather ski gloves, a pair of carbon fiber ski poles and goggles.

Pinel & Pinel / Lacroix Ski Set

So, this ski set ranks in this top more for the luxury accessories it comes with from a famous manufacturer of this kind of accessories. It seems I’ve told you more about the stylish nappa leather suitcase it comes in, the leather gloves or the goggles than the skis themselves.


Foil Skis – Gold-Black, $60,000

The first place winner are skis handcrafted in northern Italy by a company that wants to bring the craftsmanship of Italian artisanship to snow and ski lovers everywhere. The jewel in the crown is the Oro-Nero ski, which loosely translated means Gold-Black.

Foil Skis – Gold-Black

The Oro Nero Classico is a pair of hand-crafted Foil skis with a whopping $60,000 price tag. Foil is an Italian ski manufacturer that specializes in rare, unusual and often precious materials – think rosewood and purple heart top sheets, bamboo sidewalls and metal-plated bindings. The company’s aim is to create a ski with impressive performance, in perfect balance with the body, in harmony with nature.

Prices for its skis range from $20,000 to $60,000. The most expensive in the range, the limited-edition Oro Nero, features a top sheet of swamp oak with a certified 8,000-year age and 14-karat gold-plated bindings. The skis also come with gold-plated poles and a custom leather ski bag.


We have offered you 3 ski options for this season. I hope they will help you decide if you want to hit the ice in style and in the luxury you deserve.




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