The world’s most expensive drinking water

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Water like air defines quality of life. You can’t have a great life without clean air or quality water. That’s why we’ve decided to present a Top 3 of the world’s most expensive bottled water. Summer is here and I recommend you to drink a lot of water, especially Romanian water, which I think is the best in the world!

What can make bottled water expensive?

Many bottled natural waters come from truly unique sources, in addition to natural spring water, there is also glacier water, rainwater, iceberg water, water from aquifers and many others. This can make the price much higher than regular brands, as transportation, carbon footprint offsetting measures, maintaining purity and ensuring sustainability of sources can be expensive. Customised packaging is also a factor, as brands try to create something unique for the consumer by adorning bottles with specially commissioned jewellery or artwork.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – $60,000 / 750ml

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani costs $60,000 for 750ml and is the most expensive bottled water in the world. The water comes from a natural spring in Fiji and France and has been bottled in a 24 karat gold bottle. The packaging is one of the most expensive parts of this product. The water itself is said to have a distinct and appetizing aroma that will impress even the most discerning bottled water connoisseur.

Fillico Jewelry Water – $1390 / 1 liter

Fillico Jewelry Water

This brand’s story began in Beverly Hills, California in 2005, catering to Hollywood celebrities. A year later they started selling in Japan, which has since become their home. Although they are available globally, including online. Their website talks about the quality of their water, which comes from a historic spring in Kobe, Japan called Nunobiki Water. Which they claim is sought after by chefs and tea ceremony masters. But the steep price is driven by the design of the bottle which is decorated with Swarovski crystals, gold ornaments, shiny wings and other decorative features that dictate the inflated size of the asking price.

Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water – $185 / 1 liter

Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water

We decided to also feature in our top list a water brand that is expensive because of the quality of its water and not just because they sell water in extravagant packaging. It’s the Norwegian Svalbardi water that comes from an iceberg in the Arctic fjords of the Svalbard Islands. Of course, the bottle design is elegant and the mission it represents is an environmental one. The bottle’s sustainable wooden lid and tactile text printed on the bottle invite you to pick it up and examine it.

The cost is high because it is the northernmost water in the world. Gathering water from icebergs just before they melt in the seas around the Svalbard Islands near the North Pole at latitude 78° north is laborious. Bottling it in high quality, source-worthy packaging requires sourcing from top quality suppliers. Supporting CO2 removal projects that help save 100 kg of the North Pole ice cap per bottle requires a detailed certified audit of their activities.


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