The new Vlad has already fallen in with the players

Thursday, 6 June 2024

After leaving us a while to get used to his new human look, the new Vlad has started delighting his fans with all sorts of fresh stuff, from wild prizes and new games to a flurry of cool promotions. On top of that all May the new Vlad has been giving away prizes that are more and more vladtastic in their size and the stakes players have come into possession of.

Vlad’s rebranding – a successful campaign

It’s astonishing to see Vlad transform from an animated character (cute, talkative, humorous) into a mysterious and charming vampire. I think the player profile is starting to crystallise in favour of fun-seeking customers with a calculated dose of adrenaline and a desire to return more often to the beloved online casino operator’s site for another round of “crazy experiences”. Plus, even though he’s changed his body, the rewards remain as cool as ever. May rained down with prizes won by players. For example, with a stake of only 10 lei a player from Oradea won a mini Jackpot of 179,262.34 lei at Shining Crown. Then, only a few days later, another winner, this time from Slatina, “broke” the house winning a tomato jackpot worth 77700,97 lei on Amazons’ Battle slot.

Vlad Casino

But the new Vlad also came with substantial prizes to celebrate his transformation. As a result, players also won prizes in May consisting of top gadgets such as a Macbook, a VR Meta Quest set or a Safari in Africa, because we know Vlad represents the spirit of adventure and fun.

In addition, the new Vlad brought with his transformation also new games to the portfolio. Honey Rush 100 from Play’n Go, Extra Crown from Amusnet or Katmandu X from ELK Studios are just some of the new releases. In addition to new games, the new Vlad also has exclusive games that you can only play here. Games like Tesla’s Invention from Relax Gaming, or Hyper Joker Star from Gameburger Studios are just a few examples.


The Order of the Immortals calls you to have fun

The new Vlad is calling his troops into battle and recruiting immortals. It’s easy to join this elite club. The more you play during the week, the more points you’ll collect, which will earn you various prizes the following week. You get rewards based on the level you reach, meaning you can be a Hero, Legend or God. You will be rewarded on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and your membership will be valid all week. In short, the more fun you have, the more you can earn!

Vlad Cazino

Looks like the rebranding of Vlad Casino was successful! All the games are in place, the promotions and prizes are in place and players are just waiting for the New Vlad’s command for the crazy fun to begin. On them!

The transformation into the New Vlad: complete!

Let’s recap. Vlăduț felt the need for a change and asked us, the players, for help. He wanted to leave the animated character and become a real person, just like us. We had fun on and sent him videos showing off our vampire skills to give him the chance to become a real human. The transformation took place and the new Vlad came to life!

Because we helped him, New Vlad rewarded us with a great marketing campaign: we received various promotions on our favorite games, we were spoiled with prizes, more and more surprising, new and exclusive games were uploaded on and a new Order of fun – the one of the Immortals was launched for us, the gang where we quickly found our place. No day was left without wonderful leisure opportunities, not even Tuesdays, which we know how boring they can often be, could be the new Friday night. Hints: live casino and …no rollover requirements, you understand.

And tournaments, let’s not forget about them. The Lucky Spin tournament that runs Wednesday through Friday has delighted us with its prizes, and the Bingo Music Festival have brought love and music together and harmonized them into three series of raffles: daily, weekly and final.

What we like about New Vlad

First and foremost, New Vlad has remained as thoughtful as Vlăduț, so that the fun only happens within the budget we can afford. The Responsible taught you how to have control over your free time and your money with deposit limits and restricting a specific product.

The 3D that characterises the Vlad Casino brand is very much in evidence in the new Vlad: Dynamism, Fun and Differentiation.

The technology incorporated on has helped us to have fun and enjoy our free time. Everything runs smoothly here, from making an account, to making deposits or withdrawals or the way the games or promotions run.

The community has been strengthened with the arrival of New Vlad. The transformation that has taken place on has made us get to know each other better and find that we have a lot in common.

New Vlad

Innovation through creativity was served to us in large doses with the transformation of Vlăduț into the New Vlad. This is probably the most creative place in the Romanian online gaming industry. The whole process of playing with the characters, the brand image and us, the players, the main actors of this experience, is well thought out and planned by people who have marketing in their blood.

This carousel of feelings and emotions experienced on helps us to detach from the everyday and gets rid of the stress we accumulate during the active part of the day, when we have to work or concentrate on the serious activities of life. It’s like a calming balm, but at the same time energising.

The new Vlad is just starting to surprise us

Vlad Casino has big plans this year and the puzzle pieces are carefully laid out in front of us, making us wonder: what’s next?

I certainly know that my experience at this online casino is going to be a memorable one because it is: At Vlad Casino the experiences are crazy, the fun for real!

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