The most expensive snowmobiles in the world

Monday, 10 January 2022

We present you the most expensive snowmobiles in the world. It’s true, it hasn’t snowed in our country in recent years as it used to, but if you have the budget and the possibility of a holiday in the mountains, don’t hesitate to be inspired by this article to buy a top snowmobile.

SUPERCLASS 1.2L VVT 12V, $41.300

This snowmobile is more utilitarian, less used for fun. In addition, there is a two-seater snowmobile. Lively lines and elegant design are the fruit of the best Italian tradition and passion that is manifested in the creation of cars, motorcycles and in general everything that is pleasing to the eye.

The longer, contoured, two-level seat gives the driver and passenger a natural position for long journeys. Driving comfort is ensured by the position on the seat and the adjustable heated handles and the heated seat. Protection against wind and cold is provided by a large windshield and the side wings of the body and you will enjoy the heating holes that will keep you warm with a stream of warm air.

The quietness of the engine and transmission, the smoothness and the absence of vibrations will pleasantly surprise you. The evacuation is directed towards the back of the device, between the tracks. You’ll appreciate the progressive steering, which is precise and efficient on any type of snow, while the exclusive nitrogen-filled front and rear suspensions offer comfort that will make you forget you’re in a commercial vehicle.

The instrument panel is completely digital and comprehensive, all controls are handy, the LED daytime running light is always on, and a dual halogen lamp can illuminate your work area in the dark. But don’t be fooled by so much sophistication and comfort. Under its body, this snowmobile hides a powerful 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with 12 valves that offers incredible torque, especially in curves. In conclusion, this snowmobile makes all the money!

2021 ARCTIC CAT ZR 9000 THUNDERCAT ES, $17.695

It is the fastest and craziest snowmobile on the planet and it is a joy to drive such a technological marvel. It has a low height, optional ATAC™ suspension adjustable in flight and a 998 cc turbo C-TEC4 motor engine that offers an instantaneous power of 200 horsepower.

The engine has three cylinders and is of the 9000 series, offering maximum power in all conditions. The snowmobile has a great design, keeping the front arm engaged while the rear arm compresses. Unlock the true potential of a suspension coupled with its unique SLIDE-ACTION design. Designed to provide increased cornering grip and ground clearance that gives you more maneuverability and confidence.

This snowmobile has everything it needs to be in our top.

800 TITAN ADVENTURE 155, $15.299

Titan from Polaris was designed for two people, with a spacious configuration with a premium look. Fully equipped for an all-day adventure for two, with high performance in terms of motoring, this snowmobile offers the AXYS platform that positions the rider in optimal control in all driving situations and offers unparalleled maneuverability even in the most extreme conditions in the world. TITAN offers unparalleled buoyancy and agility. Featuring a design with an articulated rear suspension that allows for surprisingly good transport and towing capabilities and allows you to easily get over obstacles.

TITAN is equipped with pilot-centered innovations to cope with the toughest conditions and comes with ingenious storage solutions. The power regulator provides maximum electric power at idle and low speeds for comfort and convenience.


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