The most expensive ecological catamarans in the world

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

The world of luxury boats has entered the era of green, ecological energy. Millionaires now indulge in hydrogen-powered or solar-powered yachts. We suggest you to see how this field also turns slightly towards non-polluting fuels and an increasing autonomy, without giving up luxury.

Nemesis One

Nemesis One, $ 90 million

Nemesis One is the most luxurious catamaran ever invented, with over 50 knots, being powered by hydrogen and costing no less than $90 million.

In addition, the Nemesis One is considered to be the world’s first high-speed luxury hydrophore with luxury hydrofoil. Everything is ready to change the world of luxury and high performance cruises, as this luxury catamaran will be able to rise from the water on the seaplane to reach a fast speed of over 50 knots. The catamaran has a revolutionary design, with a length of 332 feet (101 meters), which redefines water travel through its amazing and technologically advanced features. First of all, the “Oceanwings” wing blade promises to minimize the need for the crew, as the wings automatically adjust their angle of attack, tilt and twist, eliminating any need for manual adjustment of the blade. Secondly, the Nemesis One is made entirely of carbon fiber, has an amazing futuristic air, which does not compromise on the comfort of the interior. The designers have incorporated state-of-the-art hydraulic and electric controls, which say goodbye to towing cables or sailing maneuvers. Nemesis One will be equipped with the latest generation of smart sensors LiDar (laser radar), which accurately captures the surroundings of the yacht, which means that the current state of the sea and factors such as wave height, shape and frequency will be monitored live by LiDar.

Given that it raises the bar of performance very much with its high speed, it must be known that it does not compromise in terms of stability and safety at any speed. The interior design of Nemesis can be changed from the custom configuration of an owner to the charter configuration for tourist groups in a very short time! The most important and commendable thing about the Nemesis One is that it is a zero-emission boat that does not require fossil fuels! Numerous superyacht innovations come bundled with an estimated price of $95 million.

Sunreef 80 Eco

Sunreef 80 Eco, $6 million

The famous manufacturer of luxury yachts, Sunreef Yachts, presented in March 2022 the green-powered yacht – Sunreef 80 Eco – which exploits solar energy to convert it into electricity to provide a fuel-free cruise while sailing. This model is also able to generate its own electricity during navigation. The ultra-lightweight integrated composite solar panels embedded in the sides of the boat’s hull, mast, superstructure and bimini roof offer complete autonomy and a cruise in total peace and luxury.

This catamaran model varies between 12.1 meters and 30.48 meters. The propulsion comes from two 180 kW electric motors. While sailing, the yacht’s hydroelectric generation system will allow it to recover up to 15kWh of energy from the propeller’s rotation alone.

The accommodation for 10 people in four cabins is located on the lower deck, and at the stern are the crew rooms. Capable of hosting up to 16 people, the yacht’s aft deck has extra sun loungers and sofas.

The starting price is 4,950,000 euros for the basic version and the version with all the options of this boat can reach 6.35 million dollars.


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