The MAGNUM and MAGNUMBET story. Alexandru OLEA speaking about partnership and competition in gambling

Friday, 2 September 2022

How did you choose to work in gambling and since when Mr. Alexandru Olea?

I’m from Constanta, here we deal mostly with the entertainment industry, I was raised and educated in this sense. That’s how I got into the gambling industry in my first year of college. Gambling means adrenaline, elegance, style and another way to spend your free time and recharge your batteries.

Alexandru OLEA

Alexandru OLEA

Why is the company you created called MAGNUM?

At the time I decided to set up my own company, I chose to take the gaming business to another level. To offer casino-like service to any customer who crosses our threshold. To signal this, we have chosen the name MAGNUM, from the Latin expression “magnum opus” which means “masterpiece“. This is what we intend to do, to bring excellence in every specialized location where we operate, to succeed in offering players “high caliber” services, to develop at national level a business that started in Dobrogea, proving that local capital can also provide quality services at high standards. We have over 600 employees, which means we are one of the industry’s largest employers and we take pride in our employees because they are well trained and one of the important pillars of the company’s development.

As of this year, we decided to rebrand the betting agencies in order to differentiate them from the casino floors, because MAGNUM is recognized in the market as a company specialized in the operation of slots. Subsequently, with the development of our own betting platform, both retail and online, we started the process of branding the bookmakers with the new “MAGNUMBET” logo.



What services do you offer to your clients?

Our company currently owns retail gaming rooms under the brand “MAGNUM”, betting agencies called “MAGNUMBET”, and ONLINE platform, where we offer customers casino games and sports betting.

MAGNUM casino floors are known by customers in the 12 counties where we operate, for the distinguished locations, for the pleasant ambience we offer players. We take great care of our customers. We have implemented a system that allows us to detect early possible addiction problems of players and we offer consistent support in this regard.

In all MAGNUM locations we offer customers state-of-the-art slots and pre-mach sports betting, LIVE betting, betting on international lotteries, betting on virtual games.

On the platform, along with sports betting and casino, we offer a wide range of bonuses and promotional raffles with substantial prizes, very well received by players. We are currently running the promotional campaign “Win a Mercedes Benz CLA monthly at” and since this summer, we have brought the newest betting terminals on the market to the dedicated MAGNUM halls and MAGNUMBET betting agencies.



How do you see the evolution of the gambling market in Romania?

Given the last few years, and the latest legislative changes in this area, I cannot say that there is no cause for concern. Our company currently owns retail gaming rooms under the brand “MAGNUM”, betting agencies called “MAGNUMBET”, and ONLINE platform, where we offer customers casino games and sports betting.

MAGNUM is in a period of growth at national level, through its own agencies. At the same time, we also develop partnerships on the “win-win” principle, as they say in our industry, based on identifying and opening new locations across the country.

What I want to point out is that the newly introduced charging system forces us to find solutions that allow us to maintain MAGNUM’s standards by expanding the business to another level.



So, MAGNUM also offers franchise partnerships?

Of course, our company uses this entrepreneurial partnership solution. We offer the possibility for those interested to join us at any time to form a partnership for both dedicated MAGNUM casino floors and MAGNUMBET betting agencies and the opportunity to carry out payment processing for online games. We have a vision and propose a set of joint activities that will lead to a profitable and long-lasting partnership. We carefully select our partners to whom we offer state-of-the-art betting terminals and slots (from the largest manufacturers in the industry: EGT 90%, NOVOMATIC, SYNOT, E-GAMING), so that at the end of the day, the partnership benefits each partner. MAGNUM currently operates approximately 1,400 slot machines and 1,000 betting terminals are being prepared to meet nationwide demand.



What do you think about the way national authorities get involved in the gambling market?

In general, since the advent of the National Gambling Office, the gambling market is aligned with European requirements and standards. The ONJN’s authority is well determined by law and its staff manage to cope well with day-to-day challenges. There were, as everywhere else, slippages by other institutions with control powers. Especially during the pandemic, when there were countless constraints on our work. The company that I represent has strictly complied and is strictly complying with the provisions in this area. Where there were abuses, we referred the matter to the competent bodies and requested the involvement of the ONJN, which understood the concrete situations and supported us in solving those specific cases. I don’t want to exemplify here the situations (sometimes bizarre or even funny at times) that we have gone through, I hope that they are only the exception to the rule, but I would dare to propose to the profile associations to become more present in the market, in the sense of protecting gambling operators through unified actions.



Finally, would you like to add anything?

Thank you for the opportunity to present MAGNUM in the pages of your magazine and we invite you to our stand at the “Entertainment Arena Expo” on 6-8 September this year, where we will be able to develop the subject of the partnerships we offer. We also welcome all those interested in a solid partnership with the MAGNUM company that launches the challenge “competition through partnerships in the Romanian gambling market“.

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