The “Jobs in Entertainment” Job Fair

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

The “Jobs in Entertainment” Job Fair

Ist Edition

The fair will take place at the Palace Hall on April 16-17


Time schedule: 10.00 – 18.00


Human resources are the most valuable resource of a company. This is undeniable. Nothing can be done in a company without people. No matter how many wonderful ideas we have, no matter how much money a company has for investments and expenses, or how many assets that company has, nothing compares to the importance of people in every department of a company, regardless of its size.

That’s why Casino Inside decided to organize the first Job Fair in Romania dedicated to the actors in the entertainment industry such as the organizers of shows or events, casinos, game rooms, betting agencies, hotels, restaurants, bars, cruise ships, etc.

The entertainment industry means a little bit of each. The field has niche, market segments have become independent markets and have expanded. With the removal of the restrictions and most likely the abandonment of the state of alert, the economy will enter a process of recovery, and companies will need employees.

“Jobs in Entertainment” Job Fair for LANDBASED companies

If you are a landbased business you need HoReCa employees, you also need accountants and legal advisors, you need technical staff, maintenance or security guards. But at the same time, if your field is more related to that of entertainment in gambling halls, betting agencies or casinos, then you will look for cashiers, hall supervisors, game room operator (attendant), hall managers, development director, assistant manager, etc. Those looking for people to work on cruise ships to carry out various activities (dealers, croupiers, etc.) are welcome at Jobs in Entertainment because here they can complete their databases with new candidates. If you have a restaurant, you may be looking for waiters, waitresses or chefs. If you have a bar or a club you can look for a bartender or an organizer of private events. If you are organizing shows or events, you may need artists and actors, you may need props or anything else that is needed in this field. If you are in one of the above situations then you must come to the “Jobs in Entertainment” Job Fair.

“Jobs in Entertainment” Job Fair for ONLINE companies

If your company operates in the virtual environment (and many companies have had to grow their businesses in this direction) then you are probably looking for employees who are familiar with this environment and you need programmers, people who deal with software development, testing such products, or looking for a business developer in this niche. You probably want to get to know him better, even if the tasks will be accomplished no matter how far away the future employee is.

Why be an exhibitor at the Jobs in Entertainment Job Fair?

You know that the human resources you have in the company are running out. The pandemic and its restrictions closed and opened your business as the authorities wanted. It’s time to come back and complete your team. All departments are suffering. You need people on the front desk, customer support, surveillance or dealers, but if your company works online it needs all the human resources that can work and are familiar with online – you need people for the marketing or human resources department. The crisis of staff shortages is making its presence felt everywhere. Your business needs to grow but there is an acute shortage of staff on all levels. What are you doing then? You’re tired of posting ads on job portals, you need a place to select people who know your field. You no longer want to browse hundreds of resumes and the selected people do not have knowledge or experience (a luxury) in your field. You want a place where future employees come informed to interviews. You want to attend a Job Fair specific to your field. Here you will interact directly with your future employees, you will be able to know them and find out more about the people who will apply for the different positions of the company you represent. Here you will invest your time efficiently managing to complete the database you have with new candidates.

Why attend the “Jobs in Entertainment” Job Fair?

You are definitely in one of the following situations: you want to get your first job, you want to change your job to a better paid one, but you want to stay in the same field or you come from another field and you want to apply for a job in a new field. If you are in one of these situations then it would be good to come to the “Jobs in Entertainment” Job Fair. The time has come to do what you love. This is where you will find a job in your field. Direct interaction with your future employer is important in your effort to find more easily a job. You have a lot of important employers under the same roof, who are looking for new colleagues to complete their teams working in different departments. Don’t waste your time and come to Jobs in Entertainment.

Jobs Entertainment is also for business

Jobs Entertainment is not just about jobs, it’s also about business. If you want to do business in the field of entertainment, come and introduce yourself, someone will need your services/products.

The following exhibitors are invited to participate:

Recruitment Companies, Gambling Operators (Gambling Halls, Live Casinos, Betting Agencies), Artistic Management Companies, Organizers of Events or Shows, Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Device Manufacturers/Importers, Gaming Service Providers, Software Companies, Gaming equipment service companies, Conformity assessment bodies, 2nd class licensed companies, Law firms, etc.

The following candidates are invited to participate:

People looking for a full-time or part-time job, people who want to find a better paid job and better working conditions, people with secondary, university or post-graduate education, anyone wants to work in the entertainment industry is welcome.


For the Exhibitor Participation Packages or the “Jobs in Entertainment” fair Partnership Packages or additional information you can contact us at or by calling 0725.670.147 or 0723.132.595


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