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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Petru Plămădeală, Director General Tesla Master

The times we live in offer both an amalgam of opportunities and challenges. Zooming out from the complicated macro context (post-Covid world, historical inflation levels in most developed countries, supply chain crisis, war in Ukraine, geopolitical tensions in the Pacific Rim and the Middle East, energy crisis etc.) to the domestic gaming industry, we can say that the vibrations of the shocks caused by the above mentioned phenomena are making their presence felt. From impacting and eroding reserves and slowing the velocity of cash flows, both corporate and end-customer (in other words: his highness, the player), to the need to continually adapt to chan­ging rules during play, the new reality is being forged before our eyes and with our implicit participation. In such a dynamic environment, for building and consolidating a successful business in the long term, the need for reliable partners is more important than ever.

Tesla Master is such partner. Focused exclusively on the Business to Business segment, Tesla Master’s success is synonymous and in perfect symbiosis with the success of the partnerships it builds with meticu­lousness, responsibility and trust. Founded in 2018, Tesla Master provides equipment and services for the sports betting industry, electronic payment solutions, vending, automation and digitalization.

Because, as Socrates said about philosophy that answers are never final and should never be fixed, Tesla Master’s intrinsic philosophy is innovation and adaptability to partners’ needs, with the notion of quality at its foundation. This makes the portfolio of betting terminals, payment and vending equipment, spare parts, technical and consulting services cover both the premium segment of the market and the predominantly budget-oriented segment.

Because the gambling market, like a living organism, develops organically and, at the same time, responds to external stimuli and shocks, stimulating competition, the need for differentiation among market players is natural.

Tesla Master can offer customized solutions for each partner, both in hardware and equipment and in terms of services. This is possible by adapting current products and developing green field projects from scratch.

The guiding principles of the Tesla Master team are:

– Responsibility and seriousness;

– Quality of products and services offered;

– Speed of response to incoming requests;

– Adaptability and innovation;

– Trade flexibility.

Understanding the specifics of the sports betting industry, Tesla Master is meeting partners with a diverse range of models and types of collabo­ration:

– Sale of terminals, equipment and spare parts;

– Lending & Leasing;

– Buy Back;

– Reconditioning equipment in its 2nd youth;

– Joint venture partnerships, etc.

We realize that although many companies are swimming in the same industry, each does it in its own way, with specific needs, energies and availabilities. That’s why Tesla Master’s position and role is to be a facilitator for its partners on the road to excellence.

There’s a modern saying that if you want to go fast, you have to go alone, and if you want to go far, you have to go together. At Tesla Master, we aim to build together with our partners.

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