Tech4Bet’s sales team and plans for the Romanian market

Monday, 21 November 2022

Terch4Bet is an incredibly fast-growing technology company from Brno. During its short existence, the company has established itself perfectly with all major local online casinos. It releases one quality game after another and makes no secret of its ambitious plans for the Romanian market.



Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Martin Nosko and Business Development Manager for Romania, Václav Klepáček, shared their goals for the forthcoming period with us.

Martin Nosko

Martin Nosko

Martin Nosko

Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Tech4Bet

Martin has been in gaming for over 7 years. He has gained experience in the largest Czech companies involved in the development, production and operation of VLT and slot equipment. In the last few years, as Tech4Bet’s Sales Director, he has been intensively involved in products and services from the online casino segment.


Vacla Klepacek

Vacla Klepacek

Václav Klepáček

Business development manager Tech4Bet for the Romanian market

Václav is a very experienced trader who has been working in the online casino environment for more than 6 years. He has experience in running several online casinos for which he has handled consulting, delivery of related technologies, marketing and customer support. Václav has extensive experience in the implementation of games, the certification process and the subsequent operation. Apart from his experience, he has one more huge advantage as the head and guarantor of games delivery for the Romanian market, he was born in Romania. For a native of the Timișoara area, taking care of Romanian clients is a matter of the heart.


Martin, can you give us a little background on Tech4Bet?

Sure. I’ve been with Tech4Bet since its inception. From the beginning we have focused on what we have been doing for the last few years. We develop and help run online slot games for the biggest and most successful companies in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Where else do you operate besides Romania?

We started on home turf, i.e. in the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Our goal was to establish ourselves in these two markets first. We didn’t want to venture into other markets until we became one of the strongest players in offering games to online casinos. We have been very successful in achieving this goal and we are now starting to gradually work on other markets. And Romania is a clear priority for us.

Martin, how do you explain the rapid growth and popularity of your games?

I think the pillar of our success is based on 3 factors. And all three work in great synergy, which has fueled the acceleration of our current success.

  1. As the first factor, I would like to highlight the vast experience of our development team which has been in the game business for more than 20 years.
  2. We have an absolute focus on the player, his needs, his preferences, his gaming experience. Games thus bring a mix of the right emotions, the thrill of the game, the fun and the joy of winning.
  3. We provide great support to our business partners in deploying and running games. Thanks to the positive experience of our clients, more doors open to us much faster than in other cases.


 Václav, you are in charge of the entire market in Romania. What can your clients look forward to?

I have a simple task. To be on the operator’s side and solve all their potential requirements. I want to focus on supporting the operation of online casinos, dealing with certifications, marketing and technical support. I have many years of practical experience in all areas, so I am very much looking forward to this job.


The biggest gaming trade show has already taken place in Romania this year. Were you able to establish your first partnerships at the trade show?

In the two months since the show, we are already launched in 2 online casinos – Fortuna and Casa Pariurilor. We are in the process of launching a third casino, with the largest online casino operator in Romania.

What are the next plans for the Romanian market?

Satisfied clients are the basis of success, it is the alpha and omega of our successful operation in this region. That is why Tech4Bet has decided that it wants to have a dedicated trader for Romania to ensure maximum sales, marketing and technical support. But, of course, our goals do not end there. Within three years we want to be among the top 3 suppliers.


Besides providing excellent support, what product portfolio can clients look forward to?

At the moment we have 15 games certified for the Romanian market. Another 15 are now up for certification. We would like to bring 20 or more games to Romania every year. When we go into a new market, we are serious about it and we don’t take it as a kind of add-on to other, already established markets. We will try to target local customs, that will be one of the other advantages for us.

Can we look forward to other product innovations?

We are also preparing new slot machine in the classic version as well as in AWP for the Romanian market. We will launch them in January or February in the Czech Republic, followed by certification in Romania. We are now selecting the most successful games from Romanian online casinos, which will then be implemented into slot machines.


Where or how can potential interested parties contact you?

I look forward to seeing everyone in person at the Crowne Plaza Bucharest on 8.12., at THE 10th edition of ReUNION OF THE GAMBLING PROFESSIONALS and THE 8th edition of CASINO INSIDE GALA AWARDS. In Romania we can meet in person at business meetings, just make an appointment by contacting:

Tel: +420 776 384 794


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