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Thursday, 1 September 2022

In today’s interview we will talk with Mr. Radek Janíček, the CEO of Tech4Bet. This young and extremely dynamic company based in Brno, the Czech Republic, has been producing lots of great games. During its short existence, the company has established itself well with all major local online casinos and its expansion does not seem to come to the end at all. We asked its founder and CEO questions aimed at what are the factors behind the Tech4Bet’s success, how it manages to produce such attractive games and what are their future plans.

Radek Janíček

Radek Janíček

Radek, your company is very young. Despite the company’s not very long history, you have got a great reputation and customers play your games at all big online casinos. What is the key to your enormously quick success?


We have really been on the market just for a short time. We started the project in December 2018 and founded the company in mid-2019. Nevertheless, we have been in the gaming industry for over 20 years. Thanks to this experience, we have been able to avoid experimenting and wasting time in dead ends.


We know our customers perfectly, we know exactly what they want, what they like and what they don’t like. Knowing exactly what you want to do and how to do it means a relatively easy path to a very good product and service.


We also benefit greatly from the fact that we always focus on one particular thing. We have a 100% focus on specific products and locations served. We only start a new project when everything is in a perfect condition. Therefore, we don’t scatter our focus and always do the best job, both in terms of our products and service for our existing customers.


We strive to be the best at what we do. To do that you need a sufficient capital, great product know-how and an absolute focus on the goals we set. We have all these prerequisites, and that is also the reason why we are successful.


For a company´s success is usually determined by the people who work there. Can you please tell us a bit more about your Tech4Bet team?


We have got a team of about 25 people in our development centre in Brno, and we still look for more people to join us. The vast majority of our colleagues have been working in our segment for a long time. All of them are the best in their field, and this is exactly what is crucial for the potential success of our products.

Tech4Bet team

The start-up of any new company is a challenging task. What made your start easier?


Our strategic partner – cbData, who joined the company six months after the start of the project. It was thanks to this collaboration that we were able to accelerate the implementation of our plans and strategies that we had set out in the beginning.


What products do you currently offer?


At the moment we offer over 70 slot games so that every player can find his/her choice. We offer a sufficient variety of various game styles and designs.

Why do you think make Tech4Bet games so popular with players? What is the “magic” of your games?


Since the very beginning we have been focusing on online slot games. We have been striving to perfect the game models all the time to provide a great gaming experience. The games have to deliver the proper mix of emotions, namely the thrill of the game, the fun and the joy of winning.


As soon as the maths and gameplay are perfect, we try to create attractive and original styling, catchy sound systems and other aspects of the game. Our games are well balanced as a whole while we pay extraordinary attention to every little detail.


As we build games on a solid and detailed foundation, we can afford to create a greater amount of game variations thus targeting various audiences with various needs.

At what markets do you operate after 2 years of your presence in the business?


At first, we certified all of our games for the Czech and Slovak markets. We feel at home in these markets, so succeeding there was our first goal and actually a must.


From the very beginning our strategy was to become the leader in the local market and then to look for more opportunities to expand. We have been very successful in fulfilling this goal, so now we have been gradually starting to work on other markets.


As for European countries, we have been licensed to provide games in Romania and Croatia since this spring. By the beginning of May, our games have been operated in Supersport, the Croatia’s largest casino, and now we have been launching our games in Hattrick PSK casino starting from the summer. As for Romania, our games are offered in Superbet, Fortuna and Casa Pariurillor casinos. We have got 15 games certified for these markets and have been working on more. In the near future (2 years) we want to focus on the markets in Romania, Croatia and Serbia.


There are some more locations in progress and we strongly believe that our clients there will have the opportunity to try our games as soon as possible.

What kind of customers did you manage to attract? Where can players try out your games?


The Czech gaming giant, Sazka, was our first big client. We launched our games there in the fall 2020. Other big casinos, namely Synottip CZ and SK, Double Star SK, MONACObet, eTIPOS SK and Fortuna followed. In spring 2022, we launched games at the largest local operator, Tipsport CZ and SK, and Chance.


We now supply games to more than 20 online casinos in 5 countries and 2 continents.


Slot games form the cornerstone of Tech4Bet’s product range. Are you planning to offer any other types of products as well?


We are still working to improve on our product range. We have added Jackpot to all games since mid-2021. Since mid-2022, we also have certified games for technical AWP equipment for brick-and-mortar gaming outlets. Currently, we offer 12 games for this platform and we are planning to enlarge our portfolio by adding 30-35 new games every year. We are also working on multiplayer card games and online scratch cards.


As for the hardware, I would like to mention that we work on a new gaming machine we are planning to introduce in the Czech, Slovakian and Romanian markets. The expected production deadline is the first half of 2023.

Howe about some more strategic partnerships? Any interesting cooperation unravelling?


This year we have founded a new game studio called BigWin Games in cooperation with an established Czech game company. Here we migrate successful land-based games to the online environment. We plan to produce at least 10-12 games here in the next year.


Everything looks just great. Where can we try your products out?


Of course, the best way to see the quality of our games is through one´s personal experience. So, we are happy to welcome all our customers to our Brno headquarters in the Czech Republic and we can also personally meet at game shows in Romania and in the Sigma exhibition, which is about to take place this fall in Malta.


References of satisfied customers:

SAZKA  a.s.

“Tech4bet’s games have become very popular with our customers from the very beginning and have become the highlights of our gaming offer within a very short time. Thanks to their great gameplay, new ideas and game maths, they are set to become the star of our online casino”


Milan Černý

Product Manager iGaming


“The cooperation with Tech4bet has been extremely flexible, straightforward and efficient. In particular, we appreciate the easy integration and the excellent support that can resolve any requirements very quickly. We are really happy to have been able to expand our portfolio with these great games.”


Jiří Švarc

Director of Online Casino at Tipsport


Fortuna SK

“Development team Tech4bet know how to deliver a perfect gaming experience, which is also reflected in the result. In particular, we appreciate the smooth service operation, which is supervised by a flexible support. We have been extremely satisfied with our cooperation.”


Diana Ilasova

Online Casino Product Specialist



“Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have been really impressed by the wide range of offered games and their technical sophistication. Most importantly, Tech4Bet’s games have become very popular with our clients. I can highly recommend the cooperation with this company to anyone. You will be excited with the product and all related services.”


Tugomil Cerovecki

Online Casino Manager at

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