Syswin Solutions introduces for the first time in Romania the advantages of cyber security and artificial intelligence in slot monitoring

Saturday, 2 September 2023

By strategically consolidating its presence in the Romanian gaming market and expanding its business in Europe, Syswin Solutions initiates strategic changes in the company’s portfolio. This process includes the expansion of the solution suite with integrated Cybersecurity and Business Intelligence modules, bringing to life the first AI-based slot monitoring platform.

This decision to incorporate the CyberQuest cybersecurity solution into the SmartCount platform represents the next step in its vision for the future of the gaming industry in Romania and globally. In an industry as sensitive as gaming, security components will become key differentiators and tools will be among the most complex.

Syswin Solutions

SmartCount, protected by CyberQuest, stands out as the only integrated gaming monitoring and control platform, ensuring compliance with internationally recognized security standards such as ISO 27001, COBIT – Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology, FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act, HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, PCI / DSS – Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard and SOX – Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


CyberQuest integrates a robust mechanism for anomaly detection and analysis with self-learning capabilities. As data flows between Smart Count and CyberQuest, the anomaly analyzer automatically generates access patterns for users based on this innovative self-learning mechanism. Immediate data verification within the application modules quickly identifies unusual events. The application easily integrates native video modules to ensure fast correlation between physical and virtual events.

CyberQuest also has an innovative system for generating alerts in real time, based on specific security criteria, ensuring maximum accuracy and minimising false alerts, providing the ability to act immediately.


By integrating cybersecurity solutions, integrated tools and a team of security specialists, the security component will become one of the key differentiators among solution providers in the sensitive area of gaming.


We bring another key aspect to the forefront, namely the integration of a powerful Business Intelligence module into our monitoring and control platform. In today’s age of data and information, gaining access to valuable insights and insightful analysis is an imperative for informed and strategic decision-making. Thus, we have prioritized this vital component in our suite of solutions.

Our Business Intelligence module aims to provide you with:

  1. Panoramic view: See the complete picture of your performance and operations. By analysing real-time data, you can quickly identify trends and opportunities.
  2. Informed decisions: Base your decisions on factual data and in-depth analysis. Interpret the information provided by the system to gain substantial competitive advantages.
  3. Optimise efficiency: Identify weaknesses or areas where you can optimise operations to increase efficiency and profitability.
  4. Customer profiling: Understand customer behaviour and preferences to tailor offers and increase engagement.
  5. Predictive insights: Anticipate future trends and customer behavioural patterns to position yourself advantageously in the market.


At EAE2023, the SmartCount range of solutions brings innovative hardware interconnection technology to the forefront, positioning itself as a pioneer in providing a fully compliant solution.

Underlining the strategic significance of monitoring and support services in the gambling industry, Tiberiu Leta announces a continuous growth of the market share in Romania supported primarily by the consolidation of relationships built over more than 10 years with clients.


In closing, don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of the cybersecurity revolution for the gambling industry! Your security and our success intersect here.


SmartCount and CyberQuest: Safe Gaming, Guaranteed Success!

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