SUZOHAPP recently launched its complete sports betting ecosystem to help platform providers make a seamless transition to the retail space

Friday, 20 May 2022

With over 60 years of experience in the Gaming, Amusement, and Sports Betting industries, SUZOHAPP has been working with multiple platforms to help ease the burden of hardware allowing providers to focus on their software by offering experts in the field to manage the hardware elements.


The sports betting ecosystem is designed so that whether at the bar, behind the counter, or on the sports book floor, your customers can place their bets how they want, where they want. SUZOHAPP also has the ability to design a customized solution with you and provide end-to-end service by determining the best solution for your customers, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining all terminals.

SUZOHAPP’s sports betting ecosystem starts at your cashier

For your more traditional customer, or in an area where you need controlled bettering, all your cashier to manage all the cash with an Over-the-Counter Sports Betting Terminal called the SBT-OTC. The SUZOHAPP OTC is modern and modular, utilizing the same core component engines as SUZOHAPP’s kiosk SBTs to ease the software development, performance, and certification across form factors. The unit consists of an Intel i3 processor and a 15” Elo display. The I/O hub includes 7 USB ports (including powered USB), 2 serial ports, and a cash drawer port. Up to 4 integrated peripherals can be added to the display edges (i.e. MSR, RFID reader, EMV cradle, webcam, fingerprint scanner, status light). Additionally, the unit features a 10” customer-facing display to help confirm voucher amounts or bets. Customers can easily come to your cashier to purchase a betting voucher that will print on a CUSTOM P3 thermal roll printer or if they have queued their bet up on an app, can scan their QR code on our Newland HR3280 scanner. With their voucher in-hand, your customers can now go to their preferred venue for watching the game and place their bets.

SBT 1000

For a more self-service option, an entire bet can be placed at the next unit in SUZOHAPP’s sports betting ecosystem lineup, the SBT-1000. The SBT-1000 terminal is a sleek all-encompassing unit designed to be customized to fit your needs. With your choice of printer, bill validator, and scanner and the option to accept coin, cards or QR codes, the terminal can easily be configured to suit your specific requirements and then branded with your company logo in a one-of-a-kind backlit logo plate and enhanced with baked powder coatings to match your colors and RGB LEDs that line the sides to pack that extra punch. The unit is UL, CE and GLI-20 certified and designed to pass GLI-33 with your platform software and specialized configurations. At this unit, customers can insert cash to anonymously place a bet or swipe their player card for player tracking or scan a unique QR code to access their player wallet. Then customers can use one or both of the Dual Elo Touch 21.5” PCAP LCD’s to look at available events and place their bet. Once they have completed placing their bets, customers will end session and print their bet slip either on a TransAct Epic Edge TITO printer or on a CUSTOM Modus 3 thermal roll printer. Event results can be viewed on screen to track those up-to-the-minute bets. The unit has printer and peripheral power saving features and enhanced security with keyed-different access levels. Welded seams and quality harnessing ensure the longevity and lower total cost of ownership of this model.

When looking to engage customers at the bar and continue in-game play betting, check out SUZOHAPP’s SBT-500, ideal for bar top or table top applications. The SBT-500 is strategically engineered for various viewing angles and has a unique sealed spill-proof design with a 9° slant to prevent drink placement on top of the unit that tends to cause so many issues on many other bar tops. The underlit LEDS are software controllable full spectrum RGB and the base can be fully customized with baked-on powder coatings for colors or logos. Customers can simply scan their voucher or a QR code from their e-wallet to load the machine, place their bets and then get a printed bet slip and a voucher with any remaining funds. The unit is designed with welded seams, quality harnessing, and fingerprint-resistant chrome and paint to keep it looking good as new after every use.

SUZOHAPP has the ability to build customized terminals to fit your specific needs

In addition to our standard terminals that get you to market quickly, SUZOHAPP also has the ability to build customized terminals to fit your specific needs. When it comes to building a custom terminal, starting with cabinet or kiosk design, we help construct a solution to best suit your space, customer, operating system, and budgetary needs. We then help guide you through the appropriate peripherals to ensure the best value with maximum uptime, proven longevity, and lower support costs. SUZOHAPP offers a selection of terminal types from standing, sitting, slant, top, table top, wall mount and more, a choice of peripherals, varying display sizes and customized branding. SUZOHAPP provides a consultative, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to ensure the retail solution meets the demands of your customers and requirements of your business. All designs will be part of a partnership that allows you to move to market quickly but also be flexible to unique opportunities and changing regulations.

SBT -500

The final piece of the ecosystem is a self-service Cash Redemption Terminal, called the CashIO Silver by CountR. Once a bet has been won or a remaining balance voucher printed, customers need only to go to this terminal to scan their tickets easily and intuitively get their cash payout. The CashIO Silver is configurable for jackpots and payout maximums and is configurable with almost any API. For uneven bets with leftover change, the CashIO Silver can be configured to allow the change to be printed to a remaining voucher, given as a donation to up to three charities, or set up a digital “tip jar” that change can be forwarded to for later payout. The CashIO Silver has a sleek design with a small footprint to maximize betting spaces on your floor. It can also be configured with a TITO printer so any winnings can go straight back out to your gaming floor.

To see this ecosystem in action, look for SUZOHAPP at the upcoming SBC North America Summit in July or at the OIGA Tradeshow in August in Oklahoma for a full demonstration.

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