Slots on autopilot or how to use the AUTO PLAY function usefully

Tuesday, 14 February 2023

The AUTO PLAY function is not absent in slots. Whether it’s in land-based ‘machines’ (bookmakers, arcades or casinos) or online games, they all have the AUTO option represented by a physical or symbolic button. For those who prefer to have fun at the slots, over the years a number of facilities have been introduced to make it easier for them to play. And this AUTO (PLAY) option is one of the most important.

With this option you allow your computer to take control of your joc budget.

A claim that we will return to repeatedly and debate to understand if it really helps and in what way.

It is the function that allows the machine to run automatically without player intervention. If in the Romanian market the government is keen to ban gambling advertising, in other (more developed and refined) markets, some are busy banning or limiting AUTO-PLAY. So happy birds are everywhere.

AUTO PLAY function on slots

With AUTO PLAY, you have more freedom of movement, save effort and can watch the game unfold. The auto function increases the speed of symbol movement, ensures a constant cadence and makes it easier for the player. Sought after and appreciated by slot lovers, the AUTO PLAY button (or symbol) is visible, handy, easy to use.

The auto function increases the speed of play. At the same time, it leads to repetitive action.


Thanks to the winning possibilities, graphics and game mechanics, slots are very attractive. But still, tapping a button or screen without knowing it can get tiring, no matter how much adrenaline is around you. Because any repetitive action can create discomfort.

A very reasonable reason why the manufacturers have introduced automatic play. Whereas in the beginning, a simple press made the reels spin by themselves, today there are adjacent settings that have developed automatic play.

In some cases, a special menu with flexible settings has been introduced for automatic play to help you configure the game better. These are related to the win limit or loss limit you are willing to accept. At the same time, there can be settings sized according to your total bet.

AUTO PLAY slot practice

At the 2023 level, auto play has taken on new settings and new valences. You can do more than just press a key, you can make more refined settings for the game mode.

Depending on the manufacturer, autoplay has various features that can be set precisely. This includes setting the number of spins (10, 50, 100, continuous), setting a loss limit and/or a win limit, making automatic spins conditional on the sequence (“special”), stopping the game at a certain expected win, etc. There are many games where player action is required after the sequence is triggered. A reason to intervene in the game and enjoy the free spins and the wins they can bring.

The number of automatic spins can be a factor when you’re running a prize or when you don’t have the time or patience to manually press the screen or the “Play” key. Either way, the discussion and criticism is related to the large (to infinity) number appreciated that it can foster addiction.

Automated play modes from various manufacturers

Practice shows that manufacturers have found various ways to best highlight the auto-play option. The key, button, AUTO PLAY symbol is placed as close as possible to the main play button, usually on the right-hand side.

Simple model – automatic play triggers repeated spins continuously:

Game model with custom menu and settings:

Can be set to limit balance decrease, maximum expected win and/or limit balance increase.

Model with complex settings:




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