Signature scents, a marketing strategy chosen by the most famous brands in the world

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Signature scents refer to the choice and use of a unique scent that identifies with a brand. These brand scents have the role of transmitting to customers a certain state or emotion and are often used for marketing purposes by the most famous fashion houses, shops, cinemas, cafes, hotels, casinos, medical offices, etc. Power of Scent® shows you the concept behind this strategy, how it works, but also some sources of inspiration from the big brands, for the correct choice of perfume notes.

Signature scents

Quality scents, carefully created, focus on combining notes that evoke a certain emotion. Businesses that choose such strategies work to choose the right scent together with specialists, to ensure that the brand is properly highlighted by the moods, emotions and memories created in the minds of customers. It is important for each brand to ensure that the scent reflects the brand and its specifics, products and services, in order to stand out from customers in a positive way. Otherwise, choosing the wrong scent can also have a negative effect on customers.

Brands become closer to customers when they arouse emotion and manage to create pleasant experiences and memories. Just as people choose a perfume that resonates with them and gives them a feeling of well-being, so it has been demonstrated, through numerous studies, the importance of choosing a unique aroma, through which a brand can identify. Of all the senses, our brain works best in the long run based on olfactory memories. The emotions transmitted through the smell are those that have a decisive factor in the purchase intention, customer retention and their return.

Fortunately, the science behind scent marketing is not just academic. Large retailers have discovered and proven that scent marketing in retail stores has “increased the intention to buy by 80%”. In another such marketing experiment, the smell of freshly brewed coffee at a gas station increased coffee sales by 300%. Environmental scents have also been shown to reduce typos; improve the perception of product quality; the intention to buy, the duration of a visit and the desire of customers to spend more on products or to play more at the casino increase.

The big brands carefully choose the scent to identify with. For example, the smell of Abercrombie & Fitch is distinctive and has been very appealing to young consumers. It is distributed in high concentrations in all their stores in Europe and the United States. Abercrombie & Fitch clothing is easily recognizable only by the smell that persists even after the customer gets home, thus prolonging the experience with the brand. Lincoln cars, manufactured by Ford, smell of “Essence of Lincoln”, a combination of green tea, jasmine and tonka bean, which exudes a feeling of luxury in a relaxing atmosphere.

Everyone recognizes the smell of a new car, which brings to mind memories and feelings associated with the joy and pride of buying a new car. The Rolls Royce team knows this for sure, so they use a highly elaborate olfactory marketing campaign. So, a Rolls Royce not only brings the famous smell of a new car at the beginning of the purchase, but every time the cars are brought to their service, the specific smell is refreshed.

In conclusion, we can say that every brand has a story and that a personalized perfume is able to tell it best. Power of Scent® has selected and added to its product portfolio scents of natural and refined essential oils, created through an unique creative process, designed with the highest quality raw materials.

Once established, the signature scent becomes a recognizable and memorable element of the brand’s identity and personality. State-of-the-art Power of Scent® aroma diffuser technology guarantees a subtle but at the same time perfectly concentrated dispersion to keep in the room for a long time. Scent diffusers have an elegant look, fit into any type of space and are available, depending on the model, in white, black or brown. Regardless of the type of diffuser you choose, it can be purchased or rented, depending on your preferences.

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