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At this time when new legislative changes in the field of gambling are being considered, we would like to draw attention to the fact that the inconsistency of the authorities and the lack of detailed knowledge in this field can lead to misinterpretations, which sometimes cause bottlenecks in the market, whether we are talking about licensed operators or related activities.


For some time now, the national gaming market has been waiting for the Office to endorse the CAB Accreditation Scheme in order to allow RENAR to accredit in the regulated area, and instead has received two consecutive increases in the specific fees for gaming licensees (in July 2022 and probably in October 2023), the last of which, in our opinion, will lead to a significant change in the number of Class I licensed gaming operators, in the sense of a very large number of companies exiting the market and a decrease in the number of gaming devices, which will also affect the activity of the CAB.

REGIO METRO CERT, a wholly Romanian-owned CAB

Regarding the activity of REGIO METRO CERT S.R.L. or RMC as it is recognized in the sector – CAB licensed by ONJN class II, we must emphasize that we are a company with entirely Romanian capital, which has been operating in the field of legal metrology for over 10 years, we have specialized staff with a solid professional background, experienced and motivated by the achievements and prospects, a young team with constructive ideas, in constant interaction with the operators and aiming to fully satisfy the requirements of the customers through services provided at the highest level of quality.

The importance of the activities carried out by us lies in the guarantees granted through the issuance of Technical Inspection Certificates or Type Approvals for slot machines, in the sense that gambling operators use gaming machines that comply with existing regulations, and players are assured that there is no unauthorized interference with the gaming machines and that all activity is in accordance with the customs and legislation governing the field. Our specialists make sure at each intervention that the operators use software and hardware specific for gambling, that there is no interference of unauthorized persons on them (we try to eliminate the possibility of fraud of gambling means by malicious persons – whether we are talking about operators’ employees or players), and at the same time to guarantee players that there is no unauthorized interference of gambling operators on the operated means (which would unfairly affect players). In conclusion, our company ensures the balance between the operator and the player and certifies the legal and correct use of the gaming means, limits the possibilities of fraud and unauthorized interventions.



RMC’s strengths are its nationwide coverage, its use of new technologies to streamline work processes, its ability to identify and provide technical solutions in line with market needs, and its speed of intervention in responding to requests from gaming industry partners, in short, “fast and fair”.

RMC’s commitment to quality management through continuous service improvement is part of the company’s strategic plan. For us, quality means proper management of all resources in order to achieve optimal results and guarantee excellent services for gambling operators. Most importantly, CAB must provide technical support and certify the legality and compliance of the machines they inspect, assuring gaming operators and players that they are reliable and that the risk of fraud is non-existent.

We want more predictability and professionalism in our industry

As far as future work is concerned, we hope that the legislator will appoint people who are familiar with the gambling industry, who will take into account the existing reality and who will make coherent legislative proposals to ensure the predictability of the gambling industry in our country. We also consider it useful and appropriate to develop cooperation with the National Gambling Office, and to identify technical issues to ensure effective monitoring of the market and to identify problems quickly, so as to prevent and combat all aspects of non-compliance or exceeding the legal and competitive framework.

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