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Law 107 of 17 April 2024 has just been published in the Official Gazette, which will drastically reduce the number of slot machines to be operated by Class I licensed operators, our main customers. The way this legal provision will affect our business (after the withdrawal from the market of electronic machines awarding limited risk winnings from October 2023), leads us to optimise the services offered, digitise and reposition ourselves, in order to succeed in keeping our customers and to be competitive.

The RMC is an ONJN Class II licensed CAB, a fully Romanian-owned company, which has been mainly active in the field of legal metrology for more than 10 years, with experienced and motivated specialist staff, with constructive ideas, in constant interaction with gaming operators and meeting customers’ requirements through services provided at the highest level of quality.


The procedure for issuing Technical Inspection Certificates or Type Approvals for slot machines has been improved by the introduction of the iRMC application, the features of which are briefly listed below:

  1. Improved efficiency in claims processing – By allowing customers to submit claims directly through the platform, iRMC which significantly reduces processing time and eliminates human errors. This leads to greater customer satisfaction as they can see that their requests are handled quickly and efficiently;
  2. Improved communication – iRMC facilitates direct B2B communication. Every notification or update on the status of an order keeps you up to date with the process, increasing confidence in the service provided. This is crucial, especially in industries where response time is a critical factor;
  3. Accessibility to financial information – By giving customers the ability to view invoices directly from the platform, iRMC helps simplify financial management for customers. This is a valuable feature, especially for corporate clients who need to keep track of expenses and facilitate internal reporting;
  4. Custom Dashboard – This provides an overview of all devices, allowing clients to manage resources more effectively. The ability to quickly access relevant information improves the ability to make informed decisions and supports better business planning.

Given the experience gained, RMC has digitized all the information necessary for the proper conduct of the specific activity, thus managing to develop a valuable tool, made available to our customers, in which sense we mention the main strengths:

  1. Data Centralisation – By bringing all relevant information together in one place, iRMC facilitates fast and efficient access to data. This eliminates the need to search for records on physical media or in dispersed systems, saving time and reducing the risk of errors;
  2. Improved security – Digitisation enables stronger security measures to be implemented compared to physical document management. We use data encryption, multi-factor authentication and other technologies to protect sensitive customer information;
  3. Accessibility and mobility – Users can access important information from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This is particularly valuable for mobile teams or those working remotely, allowing them to remain productive regardless of location;
  4. Process automation – iRMC can automate many of the day-to-day processes that previously required manual intervention, such as generating invoices, updating order statuses and sending notifications. Automation helps reduce costs and increase operational efficiency;
  5. Improved analytics and reporting – With all data stored digitally, you can use advanced analytical tools to extract valuable meaning from the information. This can help identify trends, optimise processes and improve business decisions;
  6. Sustainability – Reducing paper usage and minimising waste through digitisation contributes to a greener working environment, in line with many companies’ sustainability goals;

In order to provide gambling operators with an efficient and user-friendly product, RMC has created an intuitive interface that allows the user to easily access the data of interest and offers speed and certainty in communication, which is why we present the main benefits of the application:


  1. Ease of Use – A clear and intuitive interface greatly reduces the learning curve for new users, allowing them to start using the system without prolonged delays. This is essential to ensure rapid adoption of the system by all users, regardless of their level of technological experience;
  2. Improved Productivity – A well-designed user experience helps streamline work processes by minimizing the clicks required to perform common tasks and optimizing workflows. This leads to an increase in user productivity, allowing them to complete more tasks in less time;
  3. Error Reduction** – By designing interfaces with visual feedback and clear instructions, the system can help prevent user errors. For example, real-time form validation and explicit error messages can guide users to enter correct data, reducing the need for subsequent corrections.

Be convinced, dear partners and future collaborators, that the RMC will make every effort to support and facilitate your efforts, understands the current requirements of the traditional gambling market and will proceed further to eliminate bureaucracy and unproductive time, will support you in achieving the common interest of operators and players to ensure a climate of legality and efficiency.

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