POWER OF SCENT®: The power of ambient aromas in gambling halls

Sunday, 4 September 2022

Gaming halls are unique business environments that face more challenges than any other type of commercial operation. The success of such a business depends, to a large extent, on the organizer’s ability and skill to provide customers with a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming environment, even when customers are in a state of discomfort due to losing large amounts of money. Among many other methods carefully studied by specialists to increase customer retention in the gaming room, it has been proven that flavors are what trigger emotional conditioning and customer loyalty.



Flavors were first used in casinos a few decades ago, simply to mask the smell of tobacco. Today everything has changed, and flavors play a complex role in increasing revenue and customer visits. Power Of Scent® brings you the most interesting conclusions experts have come to from studies in the field of gambling.

A study of aromas used in casinos was conducted by choosing two scented and one unscented area as a control section. The first scent increased returns by about 45%, while in the other two areas – the regular scented and the unscented – there was no appreciable difference in the number of visitors or the amount of money played compared to other weekends. One theory that emerged from this research was that the selected flavor attracted people in the locations and made them stop, prompting them to try their luck. The phenomenon, known as olfactory evoked recall, induced mental associations that increased their willingness to play. In addition, it was observed that the greatest increase was on Saturday, when the aroma concentration was also higher.



In gambling halls, people act, react and interact. This is particularly important because the activity and the environment come together as one experience. The difference in reaction lies in the memories associated with that scent, and for that, perfumery strategists use certain guidelines. For example, citrus flavors are refreshing; floral, cedar and other woody flavors are soothing and relaxing, while herbal flavors such as mint have a reviving effect.

Some flavors work better than others. For those who like to take risks, warm, uplifting and soothing aromas are recommended as they alleviate anxiety and nervousness. This is understandable when betting large amounts on numbers, cards, suits or random dice rolls. Smells that evoke cleanliness have a profound effect on the average casino slot player. This is due to the long time spent in the game room. Unlike the few hours usually spent in shops or various waiting rooms, where the smell can be more prominent, in a slot room it is recommended that the aroma is diffused subtly, balanced and conveys a sense of calm, cleanliness and a feeling of “home”.

The balance between casino player satisfaction, loyalty and environment must be respected and delicately maintained by choosing the right aroma. It is the ambient flavor that constantly encourages the player to continue, but choosing a random flavor can have the opposite effect.

The new Power Of Scent® flavors from natural essential oils will be available for testing from 6 to 8 September at Entertainment Areno Expo 2022, stand 412. For personalized recommendations of flavors and room diffusers for any type of business, contact: 0744322644. More details on: www.powerofscent.ro.

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