Poker trends in 2022

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Poker is a dynamic game and is constantly undergoing changes or improvements and this can be seen in the trends concerning this beloved game in Romania. I am taking this opportunity to provide you with a brief of the main trends in poker in 2022.

Trends in online poker

Live dealer poker games are expected to become increasingly popular

The demand for live dealer poker games is increasing due to its exclusive and exciting game format. Live poker games have gained a high popularity lately. Playing against live dealers in a casino-like environment while sitting in the comfort of your own home seems to be an idea embraced by more and more poker players.

Tendințe în poker

Poker trends

Virtual reality will bring a new gaming experience

Virtual Reality (VR) is increasingly being used successfully in the gaming industry, especially in the online area, and brings an enhanced and unique gaming experience for both players and spectators. Most online poker gaming platforms are turning to virtual reality solutions to attract their audience and get more engagement on their platforms. Players find that they get the feeling of playing poker in real time, as they will not only see the poker table on their screens, but also feel like they are sitting at the table with other players and can enjoy the poker game at home. Viewers will also be able to see 3D or realistic visualization of poker games, they will feel like they are watching poker in a real poker room with the integration of VR into online poker gaming platforms.

Growing demand for mobile poker

In general, the mobile gambling market has been growing considerably lately, but more and more operators have applications or websites adapted to mobile gambling, especially on mobile phones. We’ve talked about this before in past issues of Casino Inside. But we also need to make a point about this growing trend of people having fun online from their mobile. Poker played on mobile devices is practically adapted to the needs of the modern man in terms of mobility and manufacturers have come up with important improvements to their games and software so that the mobile gaming experience is increasingly accessible and enjoyable.

online poker

online poker

Poker played responsibly

In recent years the responsibility component has become more and more present in the games offered by online gambling operators, and obviously poker is not exempt from this trend. Online poker platforms will increasingly have systems that manage risk and ensure a responsible gaming experience for players. This means that poker players will increasingly prefer to play on online poker platforms that have the possibility of easy “exit”, self-exclusion and efficient and comprehensive customer support services for players’ needs in this regard.

Free poker games

A trend on online poker sites allows for cash prizes in free poker games that don’t require players to make a deposit, more as a way to promote new online poker platforms. The money is provided by the owners of the respective platforms through advertisements that are viewed by players. Players spend more time on poker sites because they don’t have to deposit any fees and even expect to win exciting cash prizes.

Trends in live poker

Players want eight person tables

Players increasingly complain at big tournaments like the World Series of Poker that Texas Hold’em played at tables of 10 players is exhausting. Most players no longer support this format and want a maximum of 8 players at the tables. Now, as far as tournament space allows, tournaments could be run with 6 or 8 players at a table, and only at major poker events should the tables return to 10 players.

Trend of 6-player final tables

As an addition to the above trend poker players want to play short, 6-player final tables. This has started to be implemented at the WSOP where final tables of six or seven players are organized. It’s a trend that was popular first, and then players clamored for short-handed tables. The World Poker Tour has six-player final tables, and this is expected to become a general rule everywhere.

live poker

live poker

No more individual antes in blind games

The Big Blind Ante and Button Ante formats are increasingly popular overseas and has led to a shift in major poker events globally. Many events have begun to adopt a single ante format, and the World Series of Poker has embraced this idea as well.

Poker clubs will soon adapt to this format. The exception will be Stud and other mixed games, where the ante has always been the norm. This is unlikely to change in the near future.

Each poker tournament series will have “High Roller” events

The increase in high buy-in events has prompted tournament organizers to have almost every major poker tournament add at least one High Roller event to its schedule. The popularity of this trend is growing. Note that we are not talking about $25,000 or $50,000 events, but High Roller in terms of overall stakes. For example, if a tournament series runs buy-in events between $100 and $250, it could have a single event between $1,500 and $2,000 for the “High Roller” crowd.

In the next 10 years we will see more changes in poker, it depends on the players and organizers who will be successful and who will not.


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