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Tuesday, 14 June 2022

I am passionate about fun games, I feel very relaxed when I gamble online, especially since now everyone is moving at a fast pace. In addition, I am fascinated by the games of chance. I play poker, I bet, but most often I play casino games. When I have free time, in the short breaks that my daily life offers me, I go to PokerStars Casino and every time I find something relaxing, attractive, fascinating to play on this platform. I can say it is an online casino that exceeds my expectations.

Look, I’m telling you things you already know, we are living times when we would sometimes like the day to have a few extra hours. For this reason, I try to keep my schedule organized as best and as efficiently as possible. To find time for work tasks, for family and friends, but also for my hobbies, the little pleasures that charge my batteries after a spectacular jump over the worries of the day.


Alfonso and I are very much alike

Alfonso Steel is my favorite character in the world of online casino gaming. Don’t ask me, “Why?” I will tell you anyway. Because Alfonso is a stuntman! In a world full of stars and celebrities, the stuntman is the one who is “in the background” and, most of the time, provides the most spectacular parts, the ones most loaded with adrenaline. You can be the stuntman, it can be me or it can be one of our friends or acquaintances.

Alfonso is a constant source of admiration and inspiration, because behind his spectacular actions are thousands of hours of work, exercise and study. He lives every moment with passion, with zeal, even when he is having fun.

Involved in 924 explosions, 648 car chases, 312 jumps from burning buildings and 9 plane crashes, this is the one who has fun playing at PokerStars Casino. When he has a 5-minute break, when he travels, or when he wants to relax at the end of a tiring day on set, he makes it matter, in epic style.

And when he does, his phone, tablet or any other device take him to PokerStars Casino. For moments spent with charm in a very friendly atmosphere. Some time ago I tried this and I want to tell you about my experience. Because, in the end, the coolest thing is to relax with friends even if we do it online, the gaming experience is worth living from all points of view.

Playing at PokerStars Casino is an experience in itself

When I landed on PokerStars Casino I wondered: what would Alfonso do now? That’s how I got to My PokerStars Casino and quickly entered his world. Yes, it is important to have fun, to relax, to learn something from every experience, from every game session. And if I’m still talking about this, I’ll tell you how:

  • I organize and respect the time I dedicate to casino games;
  • Each time, I set a budget and I don’t exceed it;
  • I want to have as much fun as possible and do my best to win. I really have some game strategies that I use alternately. For example, 10 spins for 0.4 RON, 20 spins for 0.8 RON, 20 spins for 1 RON followed by 40 spins for 1.4 RON. A win 10 times the value of the bet makes me reduce the stake;
  • The most important thing is to have fun, so I never play outside the budget.

PokerStars Casino

What can I play to have fun with Alonso?

In April this year, PokerStars Casino added EGT and NOVOMATIC games to its casino portfolio to meet the expectations and requirements of its players, so that players in Romania can enjoy all their favorite slots. Both providers offer games based on an attractive RTP that has proven to be very valuable to those who play them with a certain frequency.

So you will find Alonso having fun at games with high standards and a wide international appreciation.


Shinning Hot, 20 Hot Blast, Versailles Gold, 40 Super Hot, Ocean Rush, Circus Brilliant, 5 Dazzling Hot are just a few of the many EGT titles. Each game stands out with very friendly colors, top graphics, exciting sounds and frequent payments to players. The provider offers a lot of prizes, chances of winning but attracts, especially through the level of Jackpots offered.

Novomatic is one of the most respected slot game providers that has shown its success online. Book of Ra, Lucky Lady`s Charm are titles that have become legendary. The atmosphere of the games is unique, friendly, and the winnings offered are commensurate.

In addition to all of the above, PokerStars Casino’s dynamic and competitive promotions are unique offerings that both Alfonso and I have benefited from, and you can enjoy them too.

Every player is an adrenaline-fueled stuntman

Without realizing it, PokerStars Casino made me aware that there are a lot of similarities between me and a top stuntman. I realized I had so much to learn from Alfonso. My life is like the one of a stuntman. I juggle personal and professional issues every day, like a stuntman, and whenever I get the chance I find time for myself and have fun at PokerStars Casino. Patience, increased attention to detail, charm, hard work, charm, training for every action, all these are found in me, but I’m sure you have them too. It wasn’t until I played at PokerStars Casino that I realized how much I had in common with Alfonso.

In addition, Alfonso showed me that every triumph, every success must be celebrated in style and elegance. Because behind every success there are hours of study or analysis. But when I’m at PokerStars Casino, I don’t think about it, I just want to have fun and I want to do it in style.

I like myself and the way I live my life with all my epic breaks, which I adore.

Pokerstars Casino is licensed ONJN in Romania, license number L1160658W000323.

Gambling is prohibited for minors. Gamble responsibly.

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