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Monday, 25 July 2022

Being summer, I have too few interesting football matches that I can reasonably bet on. So, I prefer to have fun experimenting, trying to find the fun and adrenaline rush of some “hot” games in the casino or bookmaker sections.

Football is the most popular sport and has over 3.5 billion fans globally. I find myself among those who are fascinated by the game, by the spectacle on offer, by the adrenaline of matches, championships and football competitions. News, statistics, information, sports betting, the atmosphere in the stadium, the joy of victory, all this is part of football and I want to find it in the slots I try.

There are plenty of football-themed slots. From games dedicated to famous footballers or teams to themes such as the World Cup, legendary players or simply the game itself. From the classic 3-reel models to the latest 5-reel or more.

What are the most appreciated football themed games?

Several magazines and profile sites have identified the 5 most popular themed slots as Football Carnival, World Cup Heroes, Top Trumps: World Football Stars, Soccer Safari and Football Fans.

  1. Football Carnival from Playtech. A 5-reel, 50-payline game with impressive graphics and excellent game mechanics. The most famous Rio Carnival motifs predominate and the game comes with a “special” where you can win up to 10 free spins.
  2. World Cup Heroes from Spinomenal. The name suggests the theme of the game with 5 reels and 9 pay lines. Specific graphics with football symbols, gloves, boots, etc. Impresses with the atmosphere of the game and good mechanics, plus a top soundtrack.
  3. Top Trumps: World Football Stars from Playtech. Another slot with 5 reels and 15 pay lines that captivates you with the stars on the screen. You’ll meet Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and many others on the reels.
  4. Soccer Safari from Microgaming. A game with a difference, the graphic interpretation is fun and funny. Cartoon symbols and a good game mechanics in a slot with 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Otherwise, it also comes with a “special” where you have access to up to 25 free draws.
  5. Football Fans from Playtech. I think it is the most attractive game for those who prefer the big European clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea or Liverpool. A very good game atmosphere, great graphics, very good shooting mechanics and wins that can come at any time. I can say that this theme slot it is also at the top of my favorites.

What are my favorite football-themed slots?

Every time I choose a game, I look for a few elements that will attract me, make me enjoy playing it and give me the best possible experience.

First of all, the framework is important. The way the game itself gives me sensations related to football, familiar symbols and events. Again, I take into account the design of each symbol and how they fit into the bigger picture.

The visual impression plays a decisive role in my case. I prefer images, symbols and various graphics that impress me. Because images are easier to remember, they create strong sensations and give me a sense of the familiar.

Next is the mechanics and ergonomics of the game, everything related to the payable, the ease of actual play, RTP issues and variation. Also in this phase, I pay more attention to sounds, ambience, soundtrack, game warnings.

Last but not least, I’m thinking about the game strategy, the winnings obtained, their impression. Most of the time, I choose a stake that allows me to make more draws even though I know I won’t get impressive wins.

1st place) Football Champions Cup – Netent

I’m very subjective because it’s a game I’ve preferred since its release. It’s simple, airy, well designed and offers a lot of the spirit of the game of football.

Every shot looks like a game scheme. The phases seem natural, I feel like watching a game with my breath waiting for the goal.

High speed of play, a reported RTP of 96.82%, medium-low volatility. And as options: Penalty Shoot, Freespins, Scoring Wild, more than attractive. All at 20 fixed pay lines that can go up to a maximum of X1000.

Very fluid, easy to follow, easy to understand, it’s a game that brings the specifics of football to the screen. In addition, it doesn’t forget to offer attractive payouts as well, it’s not a game that just cashes in and drives me crazy. On the contrary!

Whenever, however, it is and remains my favorite game!

2nd place) Football – Endorphina and Hot Shots – iSotfBet

Stylised, animated, cartoon-like symbols. The studded boots, timer, cards and so on all contribute to a very cheerful and relaxing graphic. So is the feel of the game, it all adds up to a great atmosphere. I have fun, I relax, I laugh, I win from time to time.

The green background takes you back to the specificity of football, the stadium turf. An RTP of 96% and a medium variance, a slot that perfectly underlines the fact that football is a game. Passionate, fun, intense, attractive, known, appreciated by billions of people.

A well-balanced game, even if it doesn’t throw you into the hubbub of the big stadiums. The game symbols are very pleasant, easy to remember and give you a good mood. Up to X4200 win possibility, risk considered medium, every time very good gaming experience.

Hot Shots has a reported RTP of 97.12%. Provocative, engaging, special. A loaded game, full of fairytale accents. The highly colorful game with various animals and football symbols has 243 pay lines and a high chance of repeated wins. Even if these winnings are smaller, they make the game attractive.

Of course, it’s a game that has many attributes and advantages and the winnings can make up for not feeling like you’re at the San Siro playing or seeing English players in action.

Mention) League 1 House – Playtech

An attractive game supported by Playtech, a manufacturer with great experience in this field. This is also the reason why I played it a few times, liked it and put it on my favorites list.

In fact, the game’s performances are above those recorded in the Romanian Premier League by far. But we live with the memory of the times when quality football was played, when there were fans in the stadiums, when we had something to comment on, players to follow.

The symbols of the teams/stars dominate the game and are the representative visual elements. It’s fun that you can score a goal with the wild symbol that gets stuck, keep shooting, get another spin and so on. Until you miss or catch another tempting game option.

However, it has a stated RTP of 93.97%, which I consider very low in the context of new games. Even so, it’s still a nice alternative if you want to have fun.

The final whistle

And here is the final whistle of this article. Time flies when you’re having fun, doing what you love, and it’s great to combine football-themed slots with sports betting.

Betting teaches you to better organize your gambling budget, to have better money management and the slots offer you fun, adrenaline and the charm of unforgettable moments.

We’ll have to wait until the World Cup in Qatar to see what new titles come out to discover new dedicated games. I expect some that are more fun and offer higher payouts for players.

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