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Game World completes the entertainment options offered to customers with a quality dining experience through Olimpico by Game World restaurants. Present at Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan, the largest gambling hall in Romania, and at Game World City Park Mall Constanta, the largest gambling hall outside Bucharest, Olimpico restaurants have already become a highly appreciated destination by customers.


Cristian Voicu, winner of “Chefs with Knives” and Executive Chef at Game World City Park Mall Constanta

Chef Cristian Voicu is one of the most well-known and appreciated chefs in the Romanian culinary industry. His vast experience, accumulated during the years spent in Italy and Germany, helped him form a gastronomic style and make flavorful and refined dishes.

Chef Cristian Voicu

Winner of the most-watched culinary competition in Romania, “Chefs at Knives,” Cristian Voicu joined the Game World City Park Mall Constanta team and became the chef of the Olimpico by Game World restaurant on the seaside.

The story of this restaurant began in September 2021, when Game World consolidated its leading position in Constanta by expanding and modernizing the gambling hall inside City Park Mall. Thus, the experience offered to the clients from the seaside was completed with new services at the highest level, one of them being the inauguration of the Olimpico by Game World restaurant run by Chef Cristian Voicu.

Thus, Game World City Park Mall Constanta becomes the second game room in the Game World network that offers customers exclusive restaurant services. The first Olimpico restaurant is located inside Game World Bucharest Mall Vitan. It is one of the most appreciated facilities of the largest gambling hall in Romania.


Daily menus and culinary specialties signature dish by Chef Cristian Voicu

The Olimpico by Game World restaurant in Constanta is set in a generous space adjacent to the slot machine and live studio roulette. From the restaurant, clients enjoy a beautiful view of the promenade around Lake Tabacariei. The restaurant has a modern kitchen with the latest equipment and an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

The menu of the day, carefully prepared by Chef Cristian Voicu, is equally tasty and diverse. It satisfies the culinary preferences of all customers who choose Game World City Park Mall Constanta.

From traditional Romanian and international specialties to signature dishes that sum up the passions and cooking style of Chef Cristian Voicu, the menu of the Olimpico restaurant is a true symphony of tastes that contribute with refinement a quality gastronomic experience.


Generous Sunday brunch, special weekend menus, and fine dining experience for VIP clients

As lucky as the weekends at Game World City Park Mall Constanta are, thanks to the parties, prizes, and jackpots, they have become so delicious due to the special offers at the Olimpico by Game World restaurant.

For example, on Sundays, clients are pleasantly surprised by invitation to brunch, with refined, carefully selected culinary specialties. Equally, the fun at the parties every Friday night is complemented by the diversity of menus specially prepared for this type of event.

Last but not least, the Olimpico by Game World restaurant is the perfect choice for celebrating anniversaries and important events. The personalized service and the festive dining menu, associated with the selection of wines suitable for culinary specialties, are just a few arguments in this regard.


Exclusive to Game World clients, Olimpico restaurants make an essential contribution to a complete, refined and high-quality entertainment experience. Because in Game World, from the elegance of luck to the elegance of taste is just a step.

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