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Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Betbuilder is a feature that can be very useful when there are fewer matches (on offer) or when I focus on a single (football) event.

Even though I am not an avowed fan of this option, I admit that it is part of the current picture and I consider it an (already accepted) innovation in sports betting. Because they spend time analyzing a match, studying statistics, reading news, making correlations and scenarios. Obviously, I want to maximize my chances as much as possible and win.

By creating a bet (multiple events on a match offer) combining the final result, goals, cards, corners, egos for the best possible odds. Interpreting these events that are not totally independent can be advantageous. Nowhere does it say that I have to consider the final result if I want to stop at corners and cards. However, a red card can dramatically change the game scenario. Equally, a goal scored can reduce the number of corners.

An efficiency, time/winnings ratio is (or should be) part of every punter’s gambling strategy. Betbuilder allows the application of most of the recognized and supported betting strategies.

I create my own bet and a profitable game strategy

I’ve got a Champions League group match, Galatasaray – Bayern Munich 1@6.50 X @5.20 2@1.46, scheduled for 24.10.2023. Seemingly, a lopsided game, with Bayern heavily favored in Istanbul. Both recent statistics and recent form, team value and determination are in favour of the Germans. It can be considered a group derby, with the hosts on 4 points and the visitors on 6, both favorites to qualify.

It’s also a very interesting duel of goal scorers: Mauro Icardi has 10 goals in the Super League and 4 in the Champions League, while Englishman Harry Kane has already scored 9 goals in the Bundesliga and one in the Champions League. This indicates a 2.5+ goal game, GG, GG3+, with several corners. Because of the points accumulated, it doesn’t look like a “keen” match with multiple yellow cards. The players might shy away from a game beyond sportsmanship, even if the atmosphere made by the Turkish fans is incendiary.


Odds @2 – Betbuilder Ticket

As naturally as possible, at this odds I try to have the bet with the highest degree of safety. I got over 2.5 goals and over 9.5 corners at odds @2.18.

Odds @3 – Betbuilder Ticket

3 derivatives are enough here, 4 would be a bit much. A bet that complements and supports the @2 odds bet without being just an increased odds. We conceded over 1.5 goals and under 5.5 cards plus over 6.5 Bayern Munich corners.

Odds @4 – Betbuilder Ticket

As I increase my stake, I also adjust my stake. I’m not interested in taking undue risks, nor in placing a bet for the sake of placing it. We got over 2.5 Galatasaray corners and over 3.5 cards and Mauro Icardi over 1.5 shots on goal and 1X at half time.

Odds @5 – Betbuilder Ticket

In the case of these odds, I try variations, look for (derivative) bets that might be unexpected or (at least) different from the expected scenarios. A red card may occur, it may score more than I estimate (or not at all), would it be a possibly valuable bet to skip? We got GG in the first half (brave!) and over 8.5 corners and Harry Kane under 3.5 shots.

A betting strategy that can be profitable if you respect some essential conditions. Knowledge of the teams and persistence in the game (at least 100 bets) on the chosen teams. Post analysis on each game on the chosen derivatives (corners, cards, etc.) but correlated with the results obtained. An adapted and responsible money management that allows me to make as many bets as possible. Profits don’t come easily, nor do @5 odds come overnight. It takes patience, attention, adaptation, study.

Here are enough reasons above why I consider Betbuilder but avoid using it extensively. It has charm, it has advantages and it can be very useful, I can’t deny that.

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