Nicoleta Bufu: “Our players have an unique experience in BIG WIN casino floors”

Monday, 16 May 2022

BIG WIN appeared on the casino entertainment market last year and from the beginning impressed with the speed it developed, which also brought them the prize. “The most successful Start-up in the gaming industry in 2021” at the 7th edition of the Romanian Gaming Holiday Gala – Casino Inside Gala Awards which took place on December 8 last year. The fact that it is a company with 100% Romanian capital shows once again that this operator is a future for the gambling industry in our country. That’s why we decided to bring Nicoleta Bufu – the company’s CEO – in front of our readers to find out more about Big Win, what they have achieved and their plans for the future.


When was the Big Win project started and how was it received by the players?

The Big Win project was launched a year ago, trying to combine professional experience with the demands and needs of the market, putting the level of entertainment and player experience at the forefront, given that we are in a very competitive market and a not very favorable context for starting a project in the field.


What is your personal experience as a gambling organizer? What is your professional background?

Even though the Big Win project is quite fresh, my gaming experience began about 10 years ago. There is a major difference in starting a business in this field 10 years ago and starting it in 2021, and there is a major difference between the player profile now and that of 10 years ago.


Where did you open the first casino floors? What was the reason why most of the casino floors were opened in Transylvania?

Given that we are talking about an area that is quite difficult to penetrate, in which there are some names that have dominated the market for years, we tried to focus on approaching smaller cities, and to consolidate in that area. We opted for locations from the north-west area, because here is our headquarters, and it is the area where we have the indispensable infrastructure to carry out the activity in the most favorable conditions.


Please tell us what is the concept of your casino floors? What are the games available in Big Win casino floors?

The presence of BIG WIN is distinguished by a completely different branding from what exists on the market. We chose the Violet and Silver colors for our branding, in order to facilitate the easy identification of BIG WIN locations. We have benefited all the time from the support of the suppliers and manufacturers of the devices, to whom we thank once again in this way. We try to have the latest mixes of devices in our locations. Certainly, this aspect also differs from area to area and from city to city. I said earlier that the profile of the current player is different from the one of a player of 10 years ago, but, in addition, the profile of the player differs from city to city, and the requirement for devices and mixes also differs from one area to another.

Can you tell us a little bit about the atmosphere in the Big Win casino floors? How would you characterize the gaming and entertainment experience in your casino floors?

We started from the premise that each player must live a unique experience in the casino floors. All services have been adapted to facilitate this. We follow the needs of the players according to each area in which we have locations and do our best to adapt to their requirements.


In terms of your marketing strategy, what did you focus on to bring players into your game rooms? Parties, raffles, contests, prizes, etc.

It is certainly difficult at this time to come up with something completely new. We organize parties and offer bonuses, depending on the specifics of each city in which we have a location and on the profile of the player in that area. We also recognize that we have a landmark among the organizers of gambling, which we follow and from which, so to speak, we are inspired. (We don’t want to mention their names, but it’s no secret)

How is the Big Win team? Please tell us as much as possible about the people who make sure that all customers are satisfied with the locations you manage.

For the management part we have a young, dynamic and dedicated team. We have to admit that it is very difficult at the moment to ensure the operational part. We saw that in this sense Casino Inside came to the aid of the gambling organizers by organizing the job fair. I think this is one of the major problems for the organizers: finding and training cashier – operators, which are also the interface between Players and Operator, and are a key point in the success of the business. Customer satisfaction is very important, that’s why we try to be as directly involved as possible in the operational part, to be there to identify customer needs.


What are Big Win’s future plans for the short and medium term?

Strengthening the BIG WIN Project in the northwestern part of the country and continuing its development. We are currently focusing on opening a Premium location in our hometown, which we want to be the largest and most beautiful in the city, as well as being our landmark location. It will have an area of about 300 square meters and a new and innovative concept. In the coming months, we will continue the expansion and, possibly, co-opt an investor to facilitate the expansion in the last year.

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