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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Flavius Cenușa, Development Manager of the prestigious Mozzart Bet company, gave us an interview in which he explains to anyone interested in the opportunity to open street betting agencies in a franchise system. Mozzart Bet is a traditional operator on the Romanian entertainment market with a rich experience and has now started an ambitious program of partnerships with anyone who wants to invest in this field. The Mozzart Bet representative explained the advantages of the partnership, the steps that a potential partner should follow in implementing the franchise, but also about the advantages you will have over the competition if you open an agency with Mozzart Bet, the system of benefits and know-how offered to all those who want to start a business in this area of entertainment.


Flavius Cenusa

A lot of people don’t know, but the partnership you can make with Mozzart Bet is considered at this time as one of the most advantageous on the Romanian market. Why? What are the benefits of this partnership?

At present we offer a competitive product with a rich betting offer and I can say that we have the best odds in relation to the Romanian market. In addition, we provide partners with a franchise system through which sports betting is accepted on the basis of our betting license, within a commercial space managed by the partner. We assume all risks and responsibility for paying the winning bets if for a total of 6 consecutive months the total value of the prizes exceeds the value of the winnings. “We reset the meter and start from scratch”, this is a huge advantage for partners. The entire betting activity will be carried out under the accounting of our company. The collaborator will bear, from the profit realized, all the administration costs of the betting agency.

In short, what are the steps a potential partner should follow from the beginning to the first client in the agency?

First of all, it should be borne in mind that the opening of a Mozzart Bet sports betting agency requires a well-located space (personal property or rented). The spacecan also be a bar, a cafe or a gambling space. After identifying the location and finalizing the partnership agreement, my colleagues will guide the partner in arranging the location. The partners must arrange the locations according to the standards imposed by us, including the purchase of furniture. Customers should not feel the difference between their own Mozzart Bet location and their partner. I would like to mention that we will deal exclusively with the branding part, this involving the display inside the location and the placement of the signs and colors of our company on the window/facade of the location. The partner must ensure that he can financially support this business, including the rental of the location, employees, utilities, internet subscriptions, security companies, etc.

Compared to other betting franchises on the market, what would be Mozzart Bet’s main strengths?

The commission provided by the contract ensures the franchisor a constant monthly income. Mozzart Bet offers a monthly fee even for online betting activity, both for cash deposits and for withdrawals of registered players on the platform We consider the risks to be minimal because Mozzart Bet supports the payment of all winnings, the partner has to bear only the costs of running the agency, and at 6 months of constant minus, a financial reset follows, with Mozzart Bet bearing the entire loss, which guarantees the employee a new profit starting next month.

In addition to the above, the partner has the opportunity to work with the Mozzart Bet team, which currently has the most experienced team of bookmakers in Serbia.
The field of activity is very easy to understand and manage because the whole activity is carried out with the help of the computer. Therefore, the activity can be tracked, evaluated and managed with great ease, with the guarantee of total accounting and administrative transparency.

Also, the partner has our full support regarding the good development of the activity through the specialized service for the assistance/advice of the players, of the employed staff as well as the insurance of the funds for the payment of the earnings as soon as they are registered in our system. It is very important to mention that the prizes are paid within a maximum of 30 minutes from the confirmation of the result of the last event on the betting ticket.

Every day we offer players promotional odds called “the highest odds” for certain sporting events in the most important championships, as well as attractive promotions for both winning and non-winning tickets.

Mozzart Bet

Future partners are interested, when making a franchise association, in image & design, atmosphere or brand rules. On the other hand, the franchisees want to know as much as possible about the gaming devices that will be brought to their location, about the betting terminals, and so on. What can you tell us about these things?

When you decide to choose our offer, you should know that there will be no difference between your own Mozzart Bet agency and a Mozzart Bet franchise. The image and the Mozzart standard will last in both.

Mozzart Bet also comes to the aid of our partner with a terminal where our entire offer can be found.

In order to guarantee the financial success of the franchise, we recommend the introduction of sports betting and electronic slot machines in the partner locations. That’s why Mozzart Bet is currently collaborating with the best slot partners on the market.

What can you tell us about the financial benefits system, about the commission grid?

We believe that Mozzart Bet offers very competitive financial benefits. The commissions are established by mutual agreement with the future partners, and we also have the possibility to establish a personalized type of calculation for each partner. Of course, we take into account several aspects when deciding on a personalized offer from a partner. As examples, I could give you the number of locations where you want to introduce the Mozzart Bet brand, the visibility of the locations, the history of the partner in relation to other competitors, etc.

Many franchisees do not know many details about the field and expect to be advised by various consultants, offering them the opportunity to transfer know-how from the franchisor to partners. What details can you give us in this regard?

You should know that Mozzart Bet currently has the most gambling specialists and can answer all the curiosities of potential partners, and can come up with solutions even for the most skeptical possible partners. We have been present on the Romanian market since 2006, we operate in over 10 countries located on 3 continents. I believe that experience and seniority in this field are the strengths that take the place of a business card, especially in such partnerships.

What are Mozzart Bet’s medium and long term plans in the area of partnerships/franchises?

Our main goal is to develop this project, to have as many partners as possible and to live up to the expectations of the partners. We are still working to improve the betting offer and the services we want to offer our customers.

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