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Thursday, 13 October 2022

Mozzart Bet is the leading gaming and sports betting company in the South East Europe region. It was founded in 2001 and today, with over 1,000 venues, the brand is present in Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Malta, Kenya, Colombia, Nigeria and Ghana. More than 300 professionals work every day at Mozzart Bet in Romania to continuously improve services, successfully understand customer needs and provide the best customer experience in the entertainment industry.

Mozzart Bet, betting offer and high odds for all sports events

As part of its core business, Mozzart Bet has its own production and high-quality odds offering for betting on a variety of sporting and other events, with more than 350,000 odds for over 1,600 events per day. In addition, at any given time, there are over 400 standard games for football matches and over 500 special games for other sports. To support the organization of sports betting, we have developed a complete IT system for the production, maintenance and updating of support software that enables reliable networking of a large number of venues and quality risk management. Also, all offers on Mozzart Bet portals are available on both Android and iOS platforms. In an effort to provide our customers with a unified service and information offering, there are means of communication within Mozzart Bet that have also taken on leadership positions over time.

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet supports community and sport

We are committed to modernizing society as a whole and participating in the development of a successful market economy, while respecting the environment and our surroundings. There is room for improvement in every segment of society, so for many years we have been building a better community together with the most relevant institutions in the country through continuous actions of social responsibility.

Mozzart Bet is very involved in CSR activities and sponsorship of Romanian sport having a rich portfolio in terms of its involvement in sport, offering its support to more than 35 sports clubs (football, handball, basketball, etc.), both in the higher and lower leagues of the various competitions held in Romania or in other countries where our brand is present. We would like to mention some of the most important sponsorship actions: FC Argeș, FC Poli Iasi, FK Crvena Zvezda or KK Partizan.

And since basketball is becoming an increasingly popular sport, we announce, for the first time, that we are official sponsors for the 2022-2023 season of the Romanian Men’s Basketball Federation.

Mozzart Bet Franchise

Mozzart Bet Franchise

Mozzart Bet franchise conditions are very advantageous

Our company offers its partners a franchise system whereby sports bets are accepted on the basis of their betting license in a commercial space managed by the partner.

The commission provided by the contract ensures the franchisor a constant monthly income. These fees are agreed upon with prospective partners, and there is also the possibility for Mozzart Bet to customize a type of calculation for each partner, depending on the visibility of locations, partner history, and other considerations. Mozzart Bet assumes all risk and responsibility for paying out winning bets and resetting the account after 6 consecutive months with a negative result. Taking this into account, the future partner has a huge advantage.

Mozzart Bet’s partner support is important

After identifying the location and finalizing the partnership agreement, Mozzart Bet will guide the partner in setting up the location according to the company’s standards, including the purchase of furniture. Players don’t need to feel the difference between a Mozzart Bet owned location and a partner location. Mozzart Bet will exclusively handle branding, marketing, technical equipment and support for both players and staff. Throughout this process of preparing the location, but also as the agency gains notoriety among players you will be assisted by our team.


Mozzart Bet’s franchise partnership offering ensures everything anyone could want from this business model: predictability, a trusted international brand, betting offer and high odds on all sporting events, community support, very advantageous franchise conditions and strong partner support.

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