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Friday, 11 November 2022

Mozzart Bet is also the ideal place to bet on the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet

From the betting offer, to the franchise partnership, whether landbased or online Mozzart Bet is a successful business that harmoniously combines fun with social responsibility. 

Mozzart Bet surprises for Qatar 2022 World Cup

For Mozzart Bet this year’s World Cup in Qatar is certainly an event that cannot go unnoticed, even if Romania’s national team is not present, we are a nation that loves football and we must treat the competition as such. They already offer dozens of ante-post bets and many combinations. Mozzart Bet welcomes the start of the 2022 World Cup with many new picks and, of course, continues the tradition with the “Catch the Highest Odds” competition, in which the bookmaker offers prizes throughout the competition in cash and gadgets. It is a tradition, because every year Mozzart Bet organizes such a competition at group level where the winning ticket with the highest odds wins a valuable prize. This contest is highly appreciated and expected by the players, especially since in past editions they had quite consistent prizes such as: cars, motorcycles, gadgets, electric scooters, etc.

In addition, we have learned for you that Mozzart Bet will organize various actions in their locations for their players while they watch the World Cup matches, during which drinks and catering products will be served. There will even be small competitions with surprise prizes.

As Mozzart Bet is also present as a remote (online) betting operator, the competition will also take place on the platform. As in the agencies, the bookmaker has prepared a lot of competitive prizes. On the online side there will be extra picks and game types, even cash-out. When the player feels that the outcome is to his advantage, he can exit the game and secure his win.

Mozzart Bet prepares dedicated promotions available only in agencies

Even though the focus in the industry has been on online, especially during the pandemic, offline is still just as important to them. Since the reopening and lifting of restrictions in landbased agencies, Mozzart Bet organizes actions during the most important championships, where players are invited to watch the matches and bet live. During these actions, players are also motivated to participate in various contests where they can win prizes and free bets.

Special actions will also be prepared for the slots area, where jackpot prizes will be offered daily, especially since monthly Mozzart Party events are organized, so players are already spoiled. Slot players are encouraged to participate in mini-competitions where they can supplement their income as well as win prizes in items. In addition to all these actions, they enjoy an atmosphere maintained by a DJ, a dance program offered by our professional collaborators, drinks and catering products.

“At Mozzart Bet players will always find a welcoming place, a familiar atmosphere and comfort. We place great emphasis on player comfort, so our agencies are furnished to high standards. In the benefits area we have numerous bonuses, either progressive, cashback or happy hours at the slot machines, prize draws and jackpot wins.” says Marcela Zarzără, Mozzart Bet COO.

“For the online casino part, every month we organize at least five promotions consisting of tournaments with cash prizes, free spins. For betting we also offer bonuses for player retention as well as new account registration” he adds.

New manufacturers and bigger jackpots are coming to online slots

Mozzart Bet certainly works continuously to ensure that their players benefit from new competitions and attractive jackpots. Currently on the player has a diversified range of providers from which he can select his favorite game/games. Lately several new game providers have been integrated on their platform, and more will gradually be added.

“We don’t want to reveal too much, but in the online area we are also working on a social media platform that is sure to please our players. We are still in the development stage, but we believe that when it is launched, it will be a unique product in Romania.” tells us a little of the surprise of Mozzart Bet, Marcela Zarzără, Operational Director.

You can bet on the world’s most popular lotteries at Mozzart Bet

The most popular lotteries are available at Mozzart Bet, such as Greece, Italy, Spain or Poland. Typically, Greece Kino is the most sought after. Certainly, for a certain sector of players, lotteries are more attractive than betting or machines. There are even locations that perform better on the lottery side, especially since Mozzart Bet has unique products for this segment.

I noticed that only in the Mozzart Bet offer you can find additional games like Greece Tombo G2-G5, custom picks like “the two rarest numbers drawn”, “the five most frequent numbers drawn”, and so on, or you can even bet Against Greece Kino, i.e., you can win by indicating the numbers that are not drawn in a round.

Also in this chapter, we remind the Mozzart Lucky Six game, which is also a Mozzart Bet product with a wide range of picks, and more than that, additional winnings such as Lucky Win.

At the same time for players who prefer virtual entertainment you can find at Mozzart Bet a quite popular range for the Virtual Games section, where they can bet on various types of games, from virtual football leagues to dog racing, motorbikes, virtual tennis and basketball.

Mozzart Bet offers the best framework for a successful franchise partnership

For almost 1 year since I have been closer to this company and I observe the way they work and boost their business day by day, I can tell you, without fear of being wrong, that it has probably the best conditions to enter into a franchise partnership with those who want to open their own business and who need a fair and continuous support to succeed. I remind here that Mozzart Bet offers the possibility to have your own business in a commercial space managed by the partner through which you can open a betting agency under their betting license.

The amazing thing and a huge advantage for the partner in the franchise system offered by Mozzart Bet is that the operator offers the partner a customized commission, agreed with the partner, which represents a constant monthly income for the partner, and in addition the bookmaker assumes all risks and responsibility for the payment of winning bets, as well as resetting the account after 6 consecutive months with a negative result. Another very important thing about the collaboration system proposed by Mozzart Bet is that after identifying the location and finalizing the partnership contract, the operator will help the partner in setting up the location according to the standards required by the company, so that players do not have to feel the difference between a Mozzart Bet own location and a partner one. The bookmaker is exclusively in charge of branding, marketing, technical equipment and support for both players and staff. Throughout this process of preparing the location, but also as the agency gains notoriety among players, you will be assisted by the Mozzart Bet team, which will give you a huge advantage over other franchises on the market.

Mozzartbet, a top employer on the Romanian HR market

Mozzart Bet, even though it is a multinational company present in 10 countries on 3 continents, tries to train its employees as a family. Of course, being a corporation, the Serbian company has policies and procedures in place, but they distance themselves from the rigidity with which IT companies act, for example, in relation to employees. As far as I know there are regular competitions for company employees for motivation and professional/personal development.

Franchise employees also benefit from training provided at a professional level by Mozzart Bet-trained staff, as well as incentives through various motivational programmes organized at company level.

Fun blends harmoniously with social responsibility at Mozzart Bet

Leaving aside fun and entertainment Mozzart Bet, as in previous years, gave its contribution to the community and the environment. In collaboration with the other companies in the group, they undertook various actions in which they supported Ukrainian refugees, helped future athletes, continued to do good with NGOs such as the Magic Association, supported disadvantaged children with school supplies at the beginning of the school year, as well as actions to protect the environment through various campaigns. Their wish is to be more involved in this segment in 2023 and to be with the community.

Mozzart Bet is truly a top international brand, which is nationally recognized by the vast majority of punters, which offers those who cross its threshold, fun and prizes, employees are offered exceptional working conditions, partners who want to start a business support and benefits, and the community in which it operates help and hope for a better future, as any company in Romania should. 

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