MOZZART BET, 2022 – a successful year!

Wednesday, 28 December 2022

Here we are, fast approaching the end of 2022 and preparing for a prolific, we hope, 2023. Mozzart Bet has succeeded this year in achieving everything it set out to do. Here is a retrospective of the actions that defined the company’s activity this year.

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet franchising, a success story

The beginning of the year promised the company to invest heavily in the franchising area. Intentions were clear and budgets were prepared. This year Mozzart Bet has put a lot of emphasis on finding partners with whom to establish long-term, reliable partnerships. The Serbian company prepared attractive franchising packages using its long-standing retail expertise in the Romanian market and beyond. So the wheels were in motion.

Improved player experience in Mozzart Bet rooms and agencies

In parallel with the franchising process, Mozzart Bet has also started to improve the player experience in its rooms. To do this it has started to bring in betting terminals to its locations, which come to the player’s aid and make it easier for them to place a ticket on their own. The terminal helps the player to be more efficient with their time and to allocate time for other entertainment in the location, such as playing slots. The interface is very user-friendly and anyone can use it easily, with a sleek and attractive design. The player experience has not only been improved in terms of hardware, but also in the area of comfort when having fun and socialising, so the operator has invested in ergonomic furniture, design details, but also improved the aspects of socialising players with other players, with coffee, refreshments and snacks being offered in the locations. So more improvements have been made in the atmosphere area.

Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet

Why was the Mozzart Bet franchise the best in 2022?

We’ve been talking about the Mozzart Bet franchise throughout the year, but we’d like to summarise the main advantages now:

Mozzart Bet is exclusively in charge of the branding side

Mozzart Bet assumes all risks and responsibility for the payment of winning bets if the total value of the winnings exceeds the amount of the winnings for 6 consecutive months.

-The entire activity of accepting bets will be carried out under Mozzart Bet‘s accounting.

Mozzart Bet has the richest betting offer with the best odds (a fact known and recognized by all bettors)

Mozzart Bet guides its partner in setting up the location and advises them on all issues that arise during the franchising process.

Mozzart Bet offers a monthly commission even from the online betting activity, both for cash deposits and withdrawals for players registered on the platform

Mozzart Bet is committed that there will be no difference between a Mozzart Bet agency and a Mozzart Bet franchise.

Mozzart Bet may grant a customized offer to a partner that takes into account the number of locations where the Mozzart Bet brand is to be introduced, the visibility of the locations, or the partner’s history with other competitors.

Personal experience speaks for itself

This year our team has been scouring the Mozzart Bet locations to give you a personal experience and here’s what we came up with in a nutshell:

Employees are the pillars of the company. In general, pleasant and respectful people are selected who are perfectly in line with the company’s values.

The atmosphere in Mozzart Bet agencies is very friendly, and you can easily socialize with everyone, as everyone is a big sports and betting fan.

-Everyone praises Mozzart Bet’s high odds and wide betting offer, which allows you as a punter to make the most complex tickets.

The mix of gaming machines present in the room fully satisfied us. We have plenty of slot games to choose from.

CSR and sponsorships Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet is a company that is very involved in the community and especially supports sports, sponsoring 35 sports clubs in various sports disciplines such as football, handball or basketball teams, giving them the financial support they need in a society where the Romanian state hardly helps Romania’s most important ambassador in the world.

The award from Casino Inside, a crowning achievement of the successful work done in 2022

Casino Inside magazine awarded Mozzart Bet on December 8 during the most important event dedicated to the gambling industry in our country – the Romanian Gaming Celebration – Casino Inside Gala Awards, 8th edition, as The Most Appreciated Franchise in the traditional betting industry in 2022. Congratulations to the Mozzart Bet team for this year’s achievements! We wish you much success in the future!

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