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In today’s challenging world of the labour market, finding and retaining talent is becoming a constant priority for all organizations. HR specialists have developed programmes, activities and projects dedicated to these goals, aiming to activate a combination of factors that facilitate the expression and development of talent. These initiatives are a form of guidance, with the end result depending primarily on the individual, who must have a good understanding of all these factors and make the most of them.


We are a modern and responsible company and we invest in the satisfaction of our employees and together we transform the working environment into an energetic space where every member of our team feels supported and encouraged. In turn, people take up, support, but most importantly improve and develop these practices. After 20 years in business and experience of working with thousands of people, we confidently subscribe to the principle that the key to success is to continually encourage creativity and innovation. In the long term, under conditions of undertaken, responsible and successful operation, we can conclude that the company-team relationship becomes a perpetuum mobile, with each party mutually contributing to the improvement of the other.

Underpinning our philosophy is the belief that happy and fulfilled employees deliver the best results. Thus, we have created a benefits ecosystem designed to meet the diverse needs of our team – in this way, we keep pace with the contemporary demands of the society.

First and foremost, MaxBet Academy has become the educational core of the team in its 10 years of operation. Here, anyone can access the free courses that are part of an annual programme, and assimilate the latest and most useful information to develop their professional skills and educate themselves for the future. Education gives us the courage to take the first steps on a road we can’t see, but as we continue to apply what we’ve studied, the road will always open up, clearer and clearer. We encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration through interactive sessions and form an ever-evolving community, and at the same time, we enjoy being the ones to provide flexible learning opportunities tailored to each employee’s personal pace. A comprehensive list of courses inspires, positively influences and builds engaged characters. The openness of participants, varied activities and, not least, the relaxed interaction between people, encourages the manifestation of potential.

Another new addition to our benefits is the well-being service offered through our partnership with Hilio, covering areas such as: psychotherapy, career and coaching, medicine, financial counselling, nutrition and parenting. Well-being counselling is available to provide support in managing stress, maintaining work-personal life balance and promoting mental wellbeing.

Our internal MaxTeam communication platform has also become central to connecting our team, regardless of location or time zone. In a digitized world, we facilitate collaboration and idea sharing through modern technology so the team can work efficiently and promptly, benefiting from intuitive tools that enhance the fluidity of communication.

We’re not only dedicated to the professional aspect of our employees’ lives, but also to their overall well-being. With the Telios telemedicine service purchased in collaboration with Sodexo, we offer varied options, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Through this program, we offer access to 26 different medical specialties and free personalized counselling services whether it’s general care at the family doctor, assistance in nutrition management, or psychological counselling.

In essence, we’ve created an environment where our employees not only find stability, but also thrive. These benefits are not just a list of tangible advantages, but also an expression of our commitment to people. We understand that to have an engaged team, literally and figuratively, we must respect their individual needs and provide each member with a climate that encourages excellence and creative ability.

We are therefore proud to have an organizational culture that invests in people. Every day we witness the genuine satisfaction of our team members: they know they are part of a company that not only promises, but offers real opportunities for growth, fulfilment and success. But we also have humour, we cultivate also the ease – we know that, in a modern vision, a company doesn’t just provide jobs, it builds successful lives and careers whose complexity is maintained through the pleasure of working.

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