Marcela Zarzără, Operational Director: “Mozzart Bet delivers a complete experience to its players using some of the best practices in retail and online“

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Mozzart Bet has invested a lot in communication and marketing lately, but at the same time it has also invested in business development, in the operational area, always thinking about the players and what would make them happy. We present you an interview with Marcela Zarzără, Operational Director, who shared with us the latest news about the company’s development directions in the franchise area and of course, improving the player experience in Mozzart Bet betting shops by introducing sports betting terminals in the company’s locations.

Marcela Zarzără, Operational Director Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet has a very good franchising campaign, with multiple benefits for the company’s partners. What details can you give us about this campaign? How can you become a partner? What are the main benefits?

Indeed, the franchising process is constantly growing, which means that our partners are satisfied. Of course, profit occupies a leading place in the company’s priorities, but at the same time we want to form reliable partnerships, so that our associates are satisfied and thus, through „word of mouth”, reach other potential partners. We have prepared business packages that will surely attract our future partners towards long-term and mutually beneficial collaborations. We come with a know-how of decades of experience in retail on the Romanian market, and at this moment we are determined to invest heavily in this line of business of our industry.

I noticed that in your agencies you offer punters the opportunity to place a ticket on their favorite sports competitions at the Mozzart Bet betting terminal. What can you tell us about this?

The betting terminals come to the aid of the player, who can place his ticket on his own. Either because it’s a queue at cash register or because they’re in a hurry. The interface is very user-friendly and anyone can use them. The design is also elegant and attractive. Most importantly, we have an exceptional betting offer, recognized by punters as one of the richest in betting markets and sporting events, with almost no competition left uncovered. We also offer competitive odds across the range of bets available for our players.

What can you tell us about the gaming experience a Mozzart Bet player can have?

Without false modesty, we can say that our pla­yers in the agencies have a complete expe­rience. We have agencies furnished and equipped to high, premium standards. From the chairs to the wallpaper. Players can quietly create their tickets, socialize with other punters, while serving coffee, drinks or a snack. It is an aspect that we will return to in detail during the next editions of Casino Inside, in which we will describe the special atmosphere of our locations.

Mozzart Bet

The online component of the Mozzart Bet business has become very important lately. What can you tell us about the investments you have made in this direction to improve and complete your retail and online experience?

The online environment became very important to us. Especially since the pandemic came, and then the lockdowns, we have paid more attention to this segment and we have invested accordingly. We try every day to keep up with online trends, but we do not neglect the offline component trying to adapt to the requirements and needs of our players.

What are the biggest challenges for Mozzart Bet today? But the opportunities?

It is not a specific challenge, they have been pre­sent since we entered the market in 2006. It is a competitive field with many strong operators, but at the same time the market has a lot of potential, the Romanians being oriented towards this type of activities. Mozzart Bet offers a com­plete experience to its players using some of the best practices in retail and online.

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