Friday, 3 February 2023

Searching for a phrase that fits MAGNUM’s business, I found an explanation of success in the dictionary that sounds like this: “succés n. n., pl. e (Lat. suc-cessus, V. ac-ces) = Happy result, luck, success: to be successful in business, in politics, in elections, in war; to work successfully”. From the happy combination of luck and business success, MAGNUMBET has managed to carve a successful path in the field of gambling and to consolidate itself among the most serious local investors in the national gambling market.

Because the company puts the customer’s comfort first and offers a serious and honest service at the highest level to the players who participate in organized games (be it sports betting, slot machines or online games), success has not been slow in coming. In order to maintain the standards to which its customers have become accustomed, the team of young people in the company’s management is constantly searching for and introducing new technologies, upgrading existing systems and identifying new opportunities. The three directions, already established, make the company, a competitor of caliber, in the gambling market, either on landbased or online, and the perseverance and ambition – established qualities of the company’s employees, together with the will – will lead to resounding results, and to a harmonious and steady development of the MAGNUM brand.

MAGNUMBET currently offers the most successful franchise in the sports betting field, which has as its main pillar the betting terminal, the newest and most efficient in the market, providing those interested with profitable partnerships, technical, logistical, legal and management support, in a word all the tools that allow a harmonious and solid business development for all parties involved. MAGNUMBET is positioned at the top of the market in our country by the odds offered. Considered the most successful partnership offer for the industry, MAGNUMBET’s “Pearl of the Crown”, awarded last year in the “Best Collaborative Gaming Partnership Offer in 2022” section, will expand nationally and further develop business opportunities for those interested, highlighting the expertise, common sense and established principles of fair competition in the gaming market.



The MAGNUM brand dedicated rooms are part of the top specialized locations in our country, offering high quality services to passionate players and to those who want authentic moments of relaxation and pampering, through the atmosphere specially created to allow customers to feel in a space to everyone’s taste. The state-of-the-art gaming facilities operated by the company, coupled with attractive jackpots generously awarded to the persistent and lucky, offer players a unique experience.

The experience and in-depth knowledge enjoyed by the management team and operational staff has enabled the development of a gaming platform that offers players an inspired combination of an online sportsbook and a virtual casino, both integrated into a state-of-the-art secure system. MAGNUMBET’s betting offer includes sports betting, LIVE betting, betting on numbers – LOTO, virtual betting and more. At the same time, at MAGNUMBET online casino gaming enthusiasts benefit from an excellent deposit offer with hundreds of spins and substantial bonuses. The loyalty of our customers is rewarded with regular generous bonuses (daily, weekly and monthly).



The promotional raffles organized by the company are among the marketing tools, cleverly used, the consistent and abundant prizes have generated the satisfaction of the players, expressed on every occasion, and the large number of participants confirms once again, if it was needed, the top position in which MAGNUM is at this moment. Carefully selected marketing techniques, combined with customer care, have allowed the company to position itself in the market in such a way as to offer those interested the absolutely necessary moments of fun, without allowing the development of addictions on the part of players. It is important for the company to be perceived in the market as an entertainment service, promoting responsible gaming being the first rule and the basis of MAGNUM’s business.

The company’s management takes into account the entire current economic and social context, in which sense it prepares and supports campaigns for the protection of players (implementation of support services for people who show the slightest sign of addiction or who wish to self-exclude), environmental protection (through sustained recycling activities, optimization of energy consumption, use of clean energy resources, etc.), staff education (through the use of training programs for the prevention of money laundering) and social protection by supporting the communities in which it operates, the elderly, children and young people. The company has also been actively involved in the integration of refugees from Ukraine, who have settled in Romania in the last year, has financially supported people who have transited through our territory and has contributed money for the procurement and delivery of aid to the neighbouring country, which has been sorely tried by a year of war.

Even if the global economic and social context is not favorable, MAGNUM joins the efforts of the industry and will play an active role in identifying solutions that will allow the harmonious and competitive development of the market, will support its partners and offer the necessary protection to the operators and their families and will maintain high standards for the entertainment services it offers.

The near future shows signs of an unprecedented economic crisis, but the MAGNUM team has prepared thoroughly, and together with its partners will manage to provide the most intelligent and practical solutions that will allow a sustainable development of the gambling business in our country. The MAGNUM brand offers the guarantee of a successful business, seriousness and competence, and the young management team ensures the will to develop together with friends and partners entertainment services for the benefit of players, at five-star standards.

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