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Tuesday, 2 January 2024

MAGNUMBET’s current main focus is to develop franchise partnerships nationwide. These partnerships represent a unique opportunity for organizers interested in getting involved in the gambling betting industry, benefiting from the support of a company with extensive experience and notoriety.


MAGNUMBET offers a complete package of assistance in setting up a franchise partnership


MAGNUMBET takes an active role in the relationship with its partners, providing them with the necessary support to understand and take advantage of this opportunity. Our dedicated team is ready to share their industry knowledge and experience, helping partners successfully navigate a complex and competitive environment.


We offer a complete package of assistance, including initial training, business management consultancy, marketing and technology support, but we also assist in identifying the ideal location for a gaming venue, taking into account critical factors such as visibility and accessibility. We also provide comprehensive training for staff so that partners can ensure high quality service and a pleasant customer experience. We’ll be with prospective partners throughout the business, supporting them in operational optimisation and on the road to success.


One of the biggest advantages of partnering with MAGNUMBET is that partners can take advantage of the reputation and trust already built up among customers. The MAGNUMBET brand is recognized for its integrity and commitment to quality and responsible entertainment. By choosing to open a betting agency under the MAGNUMBET brand umbrella, partners benefit from a loyal and steadily growing customer base.

Our know-how includes the implementation of all ideas based on customer demand and thus we constantly improve the services offered, which are constantly moving in this industry.

The betting terminals, which we provide in partnership, are technological masterpieces with unique design and modern gaming facilities.

As the industry is constantly changing, we can help our partners meet their needs for digital transformation of the industry through these betting terminals and, of course, by commissioning partners for all customer deposits to their online account.


MAGNUMBET Terminals – Autonomy and advanced technology at players’ fingertips


At MAGNUMBET, we don’t just offer a diverse range of betting options. We strive to constantly improve the player experience.

The MAGNUMBET betting terminal is designed to provide a fast and intuitive interface, eliminating the frustration of delays and errors for a hassle-free betting experience.

MAGNUMBET terminals

Betting terminals offer total autonomy, giving players the freedom to place their own tickets without intermediaries.

The betting software interface is easy to use, designed to make the betting process as simple as possible. In this way, bets are placed more quickly and players avoid queues by placing their ticket with just a few taps of the screen.


The MAGNUMBET betting terminal screen is designed to provide a pleasant user experience with key technological details:

– Equipped with state-of-the-art touch technology, the screen responds immediately to any touch,

eliminating the need for multiple touches or waiting.

– The betting terminal benefits from an ultra-fast response time, interactions are

processed almost instantly, ensuring a smooth and efficient player experience.

– The terminal’s betting software is optimised to minimise loading time

and provide consistent performance, preventing delays or crashes.

– The screen calibration is smooth and precise, providing exceptional touch accuracy and avoiding errors or unwanted actions.


Focus on your business, MAGNUMBET takes care of the rest


Partners who choose to partner with MAGNUMBET do not have to worry about the logistical aspects of the business and can just focus on finding and setting up a space according to MAGNUMBET standards.

With our backing and support, our partners can benefit from the reputation and awareness already built up by the MAGNUMBET brand. In addition, we offer full support, from state-of-the-art equipment and technology to our industry expertise. We are a dedicated team, focused on the success of our partners, and we strive to build strong and trusting relationships.

Drop us a line at to schedule a meeting and receive free advice on developing a gaming hall or betting agency under our brand umbrella.


To become a MAGNUMBET partner, you will go through a selection process, ensuring that you are suitable and dedicated to success in the gaming industry.

We are committed to providing you with the necessary support and guiding you every step of the way, ensuring that our information and discussions remain strictly confidential.


The MAGNUMBET team thanks you for your trust and looks forward to your initial discussion.


Become a MAGNUMBET partner! It’s not easy, it’s not fast, but it’s worth it!

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