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Monday, 4 March 2024

Same vision, same goal: the player

Within Cover Story material we offer you a very interesting interview with Sebastian Ionescu, General Manager of Magnumbet’s Online Division and Ana-Maria Mărculescu, Operational Manager of the Retail Division of the same company. MAGNUM and MAGNUMBET are developing both in retail and online guided by the same vision and goal: a top gaming experience both in online and retail for players. We invite you to read through this material to better understand this vision and to see how, from close-up, the plans are becoming reality.

Sebastian Ionescu


You have recently been installed as General Manager of Magnumbet’s Online Division. Why did you decide to take this step now?

The collaboration proposal, which I personally saw as an opportunity to demonstrate that I can also perform in the private sector, as I have also demonstrated by coordinating the activities of the National Gambling Office, both as CEO and as President, came at a mutually beneficial time. MAGNUM is in a period of expansion in retail and will very soon apply for its own online license. Thus, the reason why I decided to take this step is precisely the challenge of leading a young, dynamic and ambitious team of professionals who will soon prove that they can do performance in such a dynamic field.

How have you been welcomed into Magnumbet company?

Apart from the classic answer with which I would have liked to start answering this question, the one in which I would have said that I had a wonderful time at the cordial “Welcome aboard!” greeting, I would like to tell you honestly that the welcome was one full of optimism, but also of expectations. But what was most important for me was that I felt people’s confidence in what we can achieve together. But I know very well that real trust can only be gained through professionalism, and that comes with time, by addressing and resolving delicate situations. Magnumbet’s development plans are particularly ambitious and give me the chance to demonstrate once again that performance can be achieved also at the level of General Manager of the Online Division.

What are the goals you have set for yourself in the short and medium term? What about the long term?

The objectives are very clear and follow the natural course of our work. So initially we will focus on obtaining the licence to operate online gambling as soon as possible. We will use one of the most innovative platforms to emerge in the online environment and we will bring to the attention of our customers the most exciting offers in the field, and we will do this while developing the skills of the teams involved in this project. In the medium term we will demonstrate that a 100% Romanian company can be one of the top companies in the field, and in the long term we will maintain this level.


The state has increased taxes for all online operators. How do you think you will cope with the new legislative regulations? How do you propose to make a profit, taking into account that the state has increased taxes, staff costs are increasing, operational costs are also on an upward trend?

The new changes in the sector, and I am not only referring to the tax increases and the amount of guarantees that have already been imposed and which are not limited to online, but also take into account the proposals that strongly target the retail activity, have led and continue to lead to the reconfiguration of the gambling sector in Romania, both in retail and online. We are all going through a period where many operators want to close down their business or find another way to keep their license. As you know MAGNUM is active in both online and retail and we are confident that through our professionalism we will find a way to adapt to the expected changes, knowing that this is not an easy task. We rely first and foremost on our teams, but also on the strategic thinking of our leaders whose value stands out precisely in these times of major change. Personally, I am a believer in the concept that people is a company’s “Most Valuable Asset” and I am convinced that together with teams of professionals we will adapt our business to the new legislative requirements.

What do you aim to achieve from your future team, knowing that the competitive environment is growing? What type of people do you intend to attract to your team?

We are building a young, dynamic team with high ambitions, customer responsibility and strong values. We value people who are open-minded, who can freely express their ideas and are eager to put them into practice. We value team leaders, people with strong, proven professional skills and of course a good reputation. We believe that this is how we will achieve the performance that will help us reach the goals I mentioned earlier and of course to face the competition which is indeed at an extremely high level.

The Magnum and Magnumbet brands have developed a lot in retail over the last 2 years. How close is the collaboration between the Online and Retail Divisions given that the two share a common vision? What will a player’s entertainment look like in both retail and online?

Certainly the MAGNUM brand is just one and the two divisions complement and work with each other precisely to provide a superlative customer experience. I think the big advantage of the Online Division is the Retail Division itself, which we are counting on to be the link between the player and the online platform. This is all the more important as a large part of the games offered will be found both in retail and online, thus giving our customers the opportunity to continue their entertainment in the environment they consider most appropriate, playing practically the same game but having the freedom to choose the appropriate environment at the right time.

Ana-Maria Mărculescu


You have recently been installed as the Operational Manager of Magnumbet’s Retail Division. What are your plans you are coming with?

I am honoured to serve as Operational Manager of the Retail Division at MAGNUMBET and I am happy to share my passion and experience in operational strategy and business development. My plans focus on strengthening MAGNUMBET’s position as a leader in the gaming industry, focusing on improving the customer experience and increasing operational efficiency.

There has been a visible evolution of Magnum in recent times. The acquisition of the Winbos and Eldorado rooms has made the company’s shift towards larger casino rooms. Is this the current vision?

Indeed, there is a significant evolution in terms of MAGNUM’s strategic direction, especially with the acquisition of Winbos and Eldorado. This transition to larger rooms is a conscious and strategic move to respond to changes in the market and to meet the demands of our customers.

Our current vision is to transform these halls into premium entertainment destinations offering a complete gaming experience. We aim to become the destination of choice for gaming enthusiasts, offering not only a wide range of games, but also higher quality services and an unforgettable ambience.

At the same time, this strategic expansion reflects our commitment to innovation and adaptability in a dynamic competitive environment. We are convinced that investing in larger venues will strengthen our market position and contribute significantly to the growth of our business.

We are working closely with our team of specialists to implement best practices in managing these new spaces and to ensure a smooth and successful transition to this expanded operating model. Our vision doesn’t stop there; we are open to new opportunities and innovations that will add value to our customers’ experience and keep MAGNUM at the forefront of the gaming industry.

Magnumbet agencies are among the most technologically advanced betting agencies in the country. Should this direction be a successful one for the company?

I firmly believe that an orientation to technology is a successful direction for MAGNUMBET. Our betting agencies are among the most technologically advanced in the country, and this is not just a strategy, but an essential pillar for achieving success in a competitive environment. Integrating and investing in technology has become a key element in our business strategy and is fundamental to our long-term success.

By using state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to distinguish ourselves in a fiercely competitive environment. Interactive betting terminals and technology solutions are essential in tailoring our offerings to the individual preferences of our punters.

We are convinced that this focus on technology and adaptability will continue to contribute significantly to MAGNUMBET’s success and sustainability in the country’s gaming landscape.


How would you describe the Magnum and Magnumbet team?

The MAGNUM and MAGNUMBET team is a united force characterized by passion, competence, determination and professionalism. With a valuable combination of experience and expertise, each member contributes to a strong and proactive team spirit. Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction is clearly reflected in every aspect of our work. Our commitment to social responsibility underlines our community involvement. Together, we strive to strengthen MAGNUM and MAGNUMBET’s position as a reference leader in the field, inspiring each other and committing to excellence. Our ambitious goals are backed by positive energy and dedicated employees, and our strategic approach reflects a shared vision of excellence in the gaming industry.

Collaborating with online is central to your company’s mission of providing the complete, omnichannel player experience. How do you see things from this perspective?

Collaboration with the online environment is essential for us, as we aim to provide players with a complete experience, tailored to their needs. We see this as an opportunity to offer our customers flexibility and diversity in accessing our services.

Overall, our vision is to create an integrated experience tailored to the needs of players, combining online and offline elements in a synergistic way so that every interaction with MAGNUM and MAGNUMBET is memorable and satisfying.

How do you see the future of gaming retail in Romania? And where do you see Magnum and Magnumbet’s place in our gambling market?

I see the future of gambling in Romania as influenced by a complex combination of factors, including technological developments, changes in consumer preferences and increasingly stringent regulations. With the increasing focus on digitisation, I believe that casino floors will need to adopt a balanced approach between technological innovation and maintaining the authentic experience offered in the physical environment.

Overall, our vision for MAGNUM and MAGNUMBET in the Romanian gambling market is to be undisputed leaders in providing a top online and retail gambling experience, adapted to the ever-changing demands and expectations of our players.


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