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Friday, 20 October 2023

M Planet is the ideal location to have fun if you want to play slots in a room in Bucharest. It’s the perfect combination of fun and responsibility. Why? Because I’m somewhere in between a mid-sized company and a large company, you still have the freedom to do what you think is right for the place you’re running with your team, and you don’t have the restrictions that a corporation puts on you.

M Planet

M Planet listens and understands you

Okay, you’re going to ask me what’s so special about M Planet? And I’ll tell you what I noticed going to their locations. It’s like there’s a lot more listening to the customer and a lot more involvement with the employees about how they want to have fun. It may sound pathetic, but look, for example, I heard one of the staff say: “But what party would you guys like to have?” I think it’s perfectly fine to ask customers what kind of merchandise they want, and especially those in your venues. Usually players don’t say so much, they prefer to adapt to what they are given. But in a competitive market as big as the one in Bucharest, it is very important to adapt as much as possible to what the players want, because in this way you can make them even more loyal. Soon retail businesses will also focus on excessive loyalty because it will be harder and harder to find new players. Surely you know that the typology of the gamer has been changing lately since the advent of online, and this phenomenon has been catalyzed by the pandemic years.

M Planet, a different management style

Some players make the mistake of thinking that all slot machines are the same. That’s not true! You can’t have the same fun in any gambling hall in Romania. This is a wrong impression. Especially in retail, it’s the people in the team and how much leeway you give them to achieve their goals that count. The people who run the room at a particular location know the specifics of the players who play there. This is obvious. But at M Planet I noticed that the team behind the business is well coordinated and responsible and everything becomes easier! Of course, doing these things – listening to your customers, understanding them, and so on – isn’t easy, but it’s not hard, you just have to get involved.

In conclusion, the management style promoted in the halls of M-Planet is one that is appropriate for today’s world, where responsibility and fun must go hand in hand, not be separated, not be discussed on a theoretical level as to how you are responsible for those you have on the ground.

M Planet, an organic development

I’ve been playing in M Planet locations for a few years now and I’ve seen them grow organically, relying more on the quality of service offered than the quantity of locations! Many open many locations at once and then struggle to bring in staff and customers. When you rush things, you fail. M Planet didn’t make that mistake, it took it one step at a time. Look, for example, the implementation of an efficient machine mix in the halls has been gradual. I know this because I’ve been playing them for some time. There are many things to look for when adopting an organic development plan. Basically, those who do this want to be in the market for the long run, to be a serious partner. And that’s to be appreciated, because you want to know that the venue you’re playing in isn’t going to cut back on its services because of increased business development costs. Players don’t care about that. They want to keep playing as they used to play. I sit sometimes and think that the day will be better after I go to the gym, it’s like a foothold for me to know that no matter how much work I have at the office, I have an hour or two to myself so I can relax, unplug…

People make the difference at M Planet

In this field of entertainment people make the difference. Yes, technology is good, it helps to see things differently and to reach a target audience that is more and more connected to information, to modernity, but you should know that the halls are not full of young people, they don’t have a lot of money, they are rather over 30-35 years old, anyway they are people of different ages and especially those who can afford this kind of entertainment.

One of the things I’ve noticed about the M Planet team is team cohesion. I can see them working in unison, everyone knowing what to do, even if it’s someone new. And it’s always the same faces smiling and asking, “Can I help you?”. It’s great to see a group of people working well together. Such bonds form over time, with a lot of effort.

As much marketing as it takes

I like M Planet’s arcades for their pleasant atmosphere, the privacy they offer players, and the lack of excessive marketing. And I like that they don’t advertise in a general way, as I see many do, bombarding the city with their banners and mash-ups, but rather through targeted messaging to the adult audience interested in this form of entertainment. It’s better this way. Gambling advertising is best seen only by those you are targeting. A banner in the city may give the impression that it is seen by many people, but what good is it if it is seen by children and old people? It’s more to your disadvantage.

This balance that the M Planet halls exude can be seen in the way you are treated, served, in the atmosphere present in the halls, everything being well dosed. M Planet is one of the few venues where I’ve seen gamblers having fun with the venue staff, which is why the parties here are so popular and highly anticipated!

M Planet is a responsible brand

M Planet runs a business with its customers in mind. I’ve NEVER seen minors with them, I liked that they keep to the rules and respect their players. I liked the approach to a situation that could have gotten out of hand, and that’s when I told myself it was more important to take care of ourselves and our family than to push our luck endlessly. Let me give you an example. We were in their hall in Ghencea, and someone had exaggerated with the stakes and was angry because he lost and was disturbing the others in the hall, we were no longer comfortable, we were witnessing an unpleasant show. An employee reacted immediately and calmed the situation down, and the customer calmed down after the conversation with someone who sounded like a manager and everything calmed down. I asked him what he said to the player that made him calm down so quickly, and he told me that he said, “Here we respect all our customers and we don’t want you to experience an unpleasant moment because we want to have you as a customer and in the future please stop and come back another time.

Fun and responsibility go hand in hand, they are not mutually exclusive, they complement each other very harmoniously if you know how to do it.

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