Knockout 52 – Voted The Best New Table Game in Las Vegas

Thursday, 18 April 2024

Knockout 52 is a brand-new table game that’s turning heads in Vegas. After an historic win at the 2024 Global Table Games Conference earlier this month at the Sahara Hotel and Casino, the response to this new game has been sensational. Floor placement is imminent at casinos in Nevada, Illinois, and Michigan, and there is no end in sight.

Knockout 52

Creating History

Frank Mugnolo from Chicago, Illinois, and Peter Mastroianni from the Bronx, New York, are the dynamic duo behind Knockout 52. They are friends, business partners, and inventors. Together, they made history. For the first time ever, a brand-new table game (not a variant of an existing table game) took 1st prize. It is truly a phenomenon.


Italian Stallions

Frank and Peter had games at the past two conferences that were received well, but once they combined forces, the one-two punch combination literally led to a Knockout table game. The Strat, a Vegas icon, is the first casino that will showcase the game.

Frank Mugnolo and Peter Mastroianni

It’s Not Just a Game…It’s a KNOCKOUT!

Knockout 52 is a fun, fast-paced, easy to learn table game. The action is fun and exciting. Knockout 52 takes a minute to learn. It is easy for players to understand and bet, easy for dealers to deal and pay, and easy for pit bosses and surveillance to track. Knockout 52 is both simple to learn and exciting to play!

How to Play

Cards are dealt into the spaces on the Knockout 52 game board starting with the Round 1 Ace until the card number matches the number on the rectangle below. The first card that matches ends the game. That card is the Knockout Card.

 How to Win

A bet on the Round that the Knockout Card is in wins. If the entire deck of cards is dealt without a match, the only winning bet is All the Way.

Shout it, Shout it Out Loud

As cards are dealt, players will often say or shout the card numbers in unison “ACE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!…,” until the card drawn matches the underlying card space – that is a Knockout! We like to say, “Put Knockout 52 on your casino floor and listen to the crowd ROAR!” The anticipation when every card is turned is the X-Factor. It’s like nothing else at the casino.

House of Cards

Knockout 52 has a house edge that ranges from 3% to 5%. The blended house edge gives players the ability to increase their risk tolerance for significant rewards. Payouts go up to 50 to 1! The math has been certified to regulatory standards by BMM Test Labs, an industry leader. All the calculations are available on our website,


Get Ready to Be Floored

Knockout 52 is a unique table game experience. It is a fast-paced game with more than 60 hands dealt per hour. It will energize your casino’s floor. Players will be shouting out the cards with the dealer and cheering for a Knockout. Other patrons at the casino will be excited just being close to the action. Once word gets out, players will come to your casino to play Knockout 52 because “it’s not just a game…it’s a KNOCKOUT!”

Knock Three Times

After the historic victory at the Global Table Games Conference in March 2024, Knockout 52 will be exhibiting at two industry events in April: The Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in Anaheim, and the East Coast Gaming Congress, in Atlantic City. Plus, look for our casino launches at The Strat in Las Vegas, Firekeepers Casino in Michigan, Par-A-Dice Casino in Illinois! Please visit for more information.

The Great One

Richard Marcus, celebrity casino table game protection consultant/trainer and Founder of the Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference declared: “This is a watershed moment for table games. Knockout 52’s fresh, exciting gameplay could revitalize the entire industry. I’m incredibly excited to see Knockout 52 in casinos worldwide – it has the potential to become a global sensation. Spread the word – table games are thrilling again!”


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