KINDRED GROUP received the award for “The best campaign in the field of Responsible Gaming” at the ROMANIAN GAMING CELEBRATION – CASINO INSIDE GALA AWARDS.

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

At the ROMANIAN GAMING CELEBRATION – CASINO INSIDE GALA AWARDS, KINDRED GROUP received the award for “Best Responsible Gaming Campaign”.


KINDRED GROUP immediately responded to the Responsible Gaming Association’s call to support CSR programs. They were interested in what the Association does and they also presented what they do in this sector, of responsible gaming.

Responsibility is a strategic direction in this company, they have allocated financial and human resources to eliminate the proceeds from “harmful gambling” and have invested in technologies to detect excessive behavior in a timely manner.

What the Association does through addiction programs is creating a symbiosis with the corporate vision of CSR. The online operator detects those players through the Artificial Intelligence problem, advises them to have a more balanced behavior, and the services of the Responsible Gaming Association thus complete their effort. (It’s useless to identify them if you don’t get involved).

For the first time, a major online gambling company is really getting involved in responsible gaming and not just sticking a label on their site…

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