JPL United Dreams 3, a top multigame

Thursday, 16 June 2022

JPL is a manufacturer of slot machines with extensive experience in the gaming market, with a successful business since 2016 in Romania, and their games are very popular with players here.

About the Joppy ST 27 slot machine


The latest addition from JPL is the Joppy ST 27 cabinet running United Dreams 3 Multigame, which offers a combination of 20 games – – 5 Red Fire, 5 Green Fire, 10 Brown Fire, 10 Purple Fire, 20 Happy Clover, 20 Blue Fire, Glory of Egypt, Coffee Wish, Jungle Dares, Space Egypt, Magic Goose, Brave Spartacus, 40 Blue Fire, 40 Yellow Fire, 100 Lucky Fire, 40 Green Fire 6 reels, 40 Yellow Fire Extreme, 50 Fire Explode, Irish Chance, Zeus Artifacts.

Joppy ST 27


The cabinet has a modern look, very pleasing to the eye, with an ergonomic layout of the screens, it is a machine that would fit in a larger space, for larger rooms, where it would be well displayed and for an above average player profile. The game selection screen appears on the main (bottom) screen of the machine, and contains the game buttons, a Credit field and a button from which you can choose your desired language. Game selection buttons are provided for players to select their desired game. Each game button contains the game logo and the maximum number of lines/combinations. Everything is touch and responds immediately to commands. I recommend to any operator to complete their selection of games of their own rooms.

About the games you can play on Joppy ST 27

These games are very popular with Romanian players, being games with fruit, ancient or mythological characters, lucky Irishmen and so on, with 5 reels or 6 reels and 3 or 4 reels.

The games have a maximum number of lines to bet differently for different games. In some games, the number of lines to play on is fixed, while others can be selected according to customer preference. Among the most played games on this multigame is 5 Green Fire, a fruit game popular with slot players.

JPL United Dreams 3

5 Green Fire is an excellent game on a green background with 5 lines on which you encounter familiar symbols: cherries, bells, oranges, lemons, bars and sevens. Clover is the wild symbol that substitutes for other symbols on the same reel. The dollar symbol is the main scatter and is doubled by the red star as a secondary scatter. The RTP on this game can reach a maximum of 96.45%.

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