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Tuesday, 28 December 2021

The technological evolution of the planet has made some jobs no longer exist in casinos, but others have appeared!

Over the years, casinos have lost a lot of positions in their organization chart, which have been replaced by technology with fewer people or even none at all, with artificial intelligence taking full control of the area where dozens of people may have previously worked.

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High demand for live game dealers

It is natural that the live casino experience is required in the online area. Even though an online casino cannot completely capture the atmosphere of a live casino, online gambling operators have introduced this feature of online live betting in recent years. This has meant a substantial increase in demand in this area. Games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat can be played via the internet and camcorders with a dealer in front of the screen.

The cameras and sensors track the dealer’s movements, cards or roulette ball and so the player monitors what is happening and can react in real time. There is also an opportunity for communication between the player and the dealer. Therefore, live online casino players can experience a lot of positive emotions from the social interaction that attracts players to a real casino. Of course, these things involve higher costs for an operator, but the big ones invest in such services to satisfy their customers.

So, if the number of live casinos in certain parts of the world, such as Romania, is constantly decreasing, and you don’t see many dealers at the tables, well they have reshaped themselves and do their job in front of a video camera connected to the internet.

High demand for betting terminals

One of the dead jobs is that one which involved an intermediary between the punter and the casino (the betting operator) who helps you place your bet – the betting agent. Now, our cashier do this job for us. But, over time, this position will no longer exist within a betting company. Everything will be done using a terminal. On the terminal you have all the betting offer, you have the odds, the matches, the desired sports, the special offers. These betting terminals have come to look like on-board computers on an airliner, they have touchscreen LCD screens, a friendly interface, comfortable armchairs and everything at hand. All you have to do is place your bet in a few minutes.

Client Service


In one of the articles written in our magazine, entitled Secrets of Casinos, I informed you that in Las Vegas, for example, in recent years, live casino operators use more and more chatbots. That is, an Artificial Intelligence interface that mediates the connection between the casino and its customers. So, we are in the customer service area of a casino. If until now, after we stayed at the hotel, someone came from the customer support department to take over and process us, now these actions are done with the help of a chatbot. We have a nice female image, most of the time, which is somehow ubiquitous in the casino and in its hotel rooms, which answers the most common questions about the casino’s schedule, the available offers, the menu of the restaurants in the complex, happy hour, selection of drinks, the shows organized in the event halls and their agenda, a lot of information that would normally have taken you some time to find out and you may have talked to an entire customer service department.

Accounting and finance


Process automation in accounting is a reality. UiPath was the first company to introduce the concept of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is not humans who should do the work of robots. Robots should do this. These are mainly repetitive operations, moving information from one excel to another, or compiling several pieces of information and aggregating them in one place, or submitting accounting statements. “Any process that happens in an application can be automated and does not require an objective human decision, only a list of rules” said the 4 seconds Co-founder in an article written in our magazine almost 2 years ago by Eduard Alexandrian.

So software automation of repetitive processes is a reality present in the activity of any gambling company.

Big Data. Development of operations

In the old days, casinos needed an army of people to find out a lot of information about how their operations were going, what was the degree of satisfaction of casino customers, and so on. Now, through Big Data, you find out through technology what exactly makes customers happy and how you can earn extra money from them. In addition to your personal information, casinos collect things like the amount of money you spend, the times and dates you visit the gaming hall, and even your favorite slot machines. Through Big Data casinos can find out which games are played more often and why…

Big Data. Casino security.

Big Data is also used by casinos to keep security in their locations. Casinos maintain massive databases with information about transactions, cheats, employees and others who are interested in a casino. Casino software correlates databases and recognizes relationships that may not be obvious at first glance. An example might be the recognition that someone who applies for a job as a blackjack dealer is actually a scammer or that the dealer at a certain table and a player share the same address and phone number, both of whom have been arrested for the same case of fraud in the past. Previously, the security departments of the casinos had a multitude of employees in the casino floors, private detectives, debt collectors, bounty hunters, etc. Now everything is done in real time using high definition video cameras, internet, sensors, remote temperature measurement through thermal imaging cameras, artificial intelligence, facial recognition programs, programs for aging or rejuvenation, so as to detect those who are trying to transform their physiognomy using makeup, wigs, etc.

“Technology has improved our ability to track our customers and employees,” said Steve Wynn.

Big Data. Human resources.

Employee verification is now much easier. People’s lives are not as intimate as they used to be. Casinos can find out your past at the touch of a button. You can’t hide anything from your past without the people at HR finally finding out.

Employee tracking is also much more accurate. Now it’s much harder to hide things about yourself and your past. The Human Resources Department is not as “blind” as it used to be. Checking the documents received from candidates is no longer so difficult.

Big Data. Logistics and Document Management.

In the past, casinos used tons of documents in their operation process, managing so much paper being a real nightmare. Now all those people who handled papers and prepared stacks of documents for the smooth running of the company no longer exist. High-performance document management software and many electronic documents are now being used, and paper is gradually being phased out.

Artificial Intelligence and Responsible Gambling

In the ’80s and’ 90s, programs of responsibility for players with addiction problems were difficult to carry out, with consistent logistical efforts and often only to check this aspect without many practical consequences. Responsible Gambling has now become a strategic direction for various companies that address this issue seriously and in the long run, allocating substantial financial and human resources to eliminate harmful gambling revenues and which have invested in technologies to detect excessive behavior in due time.

Now the gambling operator detects those players through the Artificial Intelligence problem, advise them to have a more balanced behavior, and through the services provided by psychologists hired specifically for this, gamblers deal more easily with a potential compulsive game that could have ruined their future.

Over the decades, casinos have lost many of the most sought-after jobs. Some have switched and specialized within the same casinos, keeping their jobs, while others have lost their place in the organization chart permanently. Life goes on, technology is incorporated by casinos to grow their business and to keep up with the player’s needs. For the staff, it will be difficult, but not impossible, to access more and more often the ability to reinvent themselves, in order to successfully survive in the future labor market of the 21st century. 


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