Tuesday, 3 January 2023

INTRODATA has recently appeared on the casino management systems (CMS) scene, and the opportunity offered by Entertainment Arena Expo, which took place in Bucharest on September 6-8, launched us in the market as the main competitor, given the solutions offered and the unbeatable price.



The needs of the national gambling market are well known to specialized software developers, and INTRODATA, with its in-depth knowledge of the operational sphere of traditional gambling organization, has managed to develop a powerful and competitive monitoring and management system that is intuitive, useful and easy to manage.

Today’s technological development is the main opportunity that INTRODATA is considering, and in this regard it has set itself the goal to bring to the gaming field all the latest in cutting-edge technology, transformed and adapted to the needs of the industry. Our company is also closely monitoring legislative changes and will present technical solutions that are immediately applicable and that comply with legislative requirements and limitations, in which sense it has already prepared an intelligent system for identifying customers and creating a database of self-excluded and undesirable players.

Our small company’s efforts have already begun to pay off, with our merits being recognized by Casino Inside Magazine’s award for “Most Successful Company Launch in the Casino Management Systems (CMS) Market 2022”. This award motivates us and at the same time compels us further to identify and create the most viable software solutions dedicated to traditional and online gaming operators.

We would like to remind you that, in addition to all aspects related to functionality, innovation or security, a gambling organizer also wants an attractive financial offer when choosing to work with a CMS provider, which is why we would like to emphasize that INTRODATA, applying the principles of the competitive market, has proposed a price of 5 euros per game unit, an offer that will allow all those interested to successfully use our products. Also, for the new application needed to identify players and create the database, we will apply a list of tariffs that will allow all those interested to use our products. The discounts offered will be substantial to the extent that a gaming operator chooses to use an integrated package of services offered by INTRODATA. But we will elaborate on these issues in future articles.



Today when technology plays a special role in the development of every business, INTRODATA has set itself the goal to propose concrete, reliable solutions for every situation identified in the operation of gambling, including artificial intelligence, in such a way that all legal provisions and the operational requirements of the licensee are respected. Of course, we place the player’s primary interest above all else, without which the industry cannot develop and sustain itself, and in this regard, you should know that our company carefully analyzes and proposes solutions that take this important aspect into account.

The first step has already been taken, the monitoring and management system will be further developed and together with it we will attach other necessary and useful applications to the gambling operators, we will take the needs, we will analyze them and we will expose the best solutions to the operators who trust in our ability to provide high level software tools.

Finally, thank you to the Casino Inside team for the award and for your trust, and let us wish you a long and fulfilling life, a good time with your loved ones and a successful and prosperous New Year!

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