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The monitoring and management system is developed by INTRODATA, a dynamic, fast-growing company that develops and delivers the latest technologies to the gaming market.



INTRODATA continues to develop applications and specialized software, given that technological progress is changing the landscape in the gambling industry from day to day, which is why our company has set itself new, more ambitious goals and aims to exploit the potential to the fullest by developing a high-performance system that offers satisfaction and security.

The monitoring and management system offered by INTRODATA combines legacy server-based, server-supported systems with SAS protocol and casino management into one comprehensive solution. The system offers a complete and scalable set of tools ready to manage slots and live tables in casinos of all sizes. Among its many modules we list:

  • accounting – real-time recording and tracking of slot, cash, ticket and token counters. The module provides detailed exchange reports, full accounting of slot machines, multiple revenue checks, covers all areas of casino cash flow in detail. Provides complete real-time accounting of gaming machines combined with detailed history records;
  • access control (player registration, casino and machine access control) – this is a support system used to identify casino/casino guests and collect personal data. In addition to complying with legislative standards, our access control module enables: tools for identification and collection of guest data, which includes transparent storage of this information (including copies of personal identity documents), easy entry option, data collection and data processing of guest visits to the casino (casino entries), detailed reports and analysis of the guest database, issuance of player tracking cards and cashless cards to casino guests, processing of self-exclusions and casino self-exclusions;
  • control and monitoring – real-time online slot machine alarms and system events;
  • auditing – audit testing of all user and system actions;
  • responsible gaming (setting voluntary/mandatory limits for players, mandatory limit mechanisms for players, mechanisms to reduce compulsive gambling, etc.);
  • cashier module – central deposits and withdrawals, stock and transaction management for cash, tokens and tickets;
  • cashless payment mode (tickets, cards, etc.) – allowing gaming machines to operate without the use of cash or coins. The module allows slot machines to operate without the use of cash or coins. Tickets are used for slot machine deposits as well as payments.

The main features of the TICKETING System are: easy and customer friendly use, speeding up the payment/entry process, additional monitoring and fraud prevention in the payment process with ticket validation, minimization of casino operating errors, smaller cash operations.

Promotional and pay-only tickets are appreciated by our players due to their targeted and highly effective promotions. The module also works with RFID (contactless) cards. Technology has taken a significant step forward in providing casino guests with a better experience and therefore increasing their satisfaction. The cashless module allows casino guests an easy-to-use way to complete transactions for their slot gaming needs.

On the other hand, the CASHLESS system offers a lot of important features for the casino itself and helps to achieve better financial results. The main features of RFID technology are: advanced way of operating cashless business, easy to use, the use of RFID cards eliminates problems such as forgetting the card at the slot machine and allows casino guests to automatically disconnect from the slot, the cashless card makes the use of Player Tracking/Bonusing easier for casino guests.

  • multi-level progressive JACKPOT mode – allowing the connection of different types of slot machines as well as slot machines from different manufacturers. The system itself is very flexible, easy to manage and well accepted by site operators. It combines high reliability, perfect flexibility of system parameters and customization of parameters to the needs of each individual casino, production of graphical interfaces adopted to specific customer requirements, up-to-date online display of JACKPOT value, maintenance and configuration of independent JACKPOT funds on different groups of slot machines inside the casino and common funds for all slot machines inside the casino. The wide area version of the module is an additional option for our customers. This allows slot machines that are placed in different locations to be connected to the same JACKPOT;
  • player tracking module and loyalty systems (marketing tool) – the module integrates real-time slot machine monitoring software with customer-specific information to form a new set of tools for gaming venues/casinos to better understand their customer base, increase customer satisfaction, ensure a higher percentage of returning players, increase play time on slot machines, enable effective targeted marketing and more. Players are encouraged to play on the slot machines through various prizes that they can redeem for bonus points collected. Unlike JACKPOT systems, where random players are rewarded, the player tracking system rewards strong players and loyal customers, ensuring customer loyalty;
  • advertising module (marketing tool) – the module can be integrated on any type of slot machine.
  • reporting and statistics module – advanced tools for data analysis, effective decision making, ready for a wide range of European jurisdictions to meet reporting requirements.

In short, the monitoring and management system offers centralized reporting, billing/accounting tools for slot games, real-time event notifications, game settings configuration, game updates, providing total real-time control over the operation of casinos, gaming halls, slots along with machine gaming points, slot machines and a sophisticated loyalty and bonus system allow for effective and targeted marketing.



The clear vision on the evolution of the Romanian business in the gambling industry will allow the company to identify the needs and offer solutions at hand. INTRODATA is aware that these systems should not be just monitors connected to a computer and that the needs of national operators are different, so there is a need for a concept that meets the requirements of the Romanian market customized to the needs of each operator.

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