Iconic symbols in slots – the most famous graphic symbols in slots

Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Slots are the most loved and popular casino games. Easy to play, requiring not the slightest intellectual effort, slots can offer big wins with just the push of a button. Of course, they can cash in just as well, they can generate frustration, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. But the approach depends only on you, on how you understand how to have fun.


Some graphic symbols have become iconic for slots. They are symbols associated with games, winnings, adventure, adrenaline, fun. These symbols have gained a universal perception, having the same meaning for players everywhere.

Iconic symbols in slots (ah, the slot machines)

Graphic symbols played (and still play) an extremely important role in increasing the popularity of slots. They create a sense of comfort and familiarity for players when they are in front of the screen.

Many of the symbols are directly related to notions like luck, adventure, wealth, fun.


Symbol 7 (777)                                                                                   Mathematics of luck

The seven is a very powerful symbol. Directly associated with chance, evolution but also with sacred mathematics, a source of inspiration for myths, legends and folklore (of gambling halls).

Symbol 7 (777)  

Considered an optimal prime number, it appears in the 7 days of the week, the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the 7th son of the 7th son, the 7 continents, the 7 colors of the rainbow, the march around Mecca which is done 7 times, the new Buddha who takes 7 steps and the list goes on and on.

777 is among the symbols that appeared on the reels in the first slot machine invented by Charles Fey. And it proved very inspiring, the success being quick and undeniable.

Over time, the 7 symbol has kept its popularity intact, becoming a representative image for luck.


The BAR symbol                                                                               The pack of chewing gum

Among the first symbols to appear and be introduced was the BAR. However, this symbol is older than nuts, having been introduced in 1907 by the Bell-Fruit Gum company that offered chewing gum as prizes in slot machines. And it wasn’t an eccentric company, it was doing this because of the anti-gambling law of the time that prohibited prize money.

The BAR symbol     

In the original version the BAR symbolized the pack of chewing gum offered as a prize. If you “caught” 3 BAR symbols on the reels, you won a pack of chewing gum with the flavor corresponding to the color of the symbol.

Along with the cherry symbol, the BAR is representative of the pioneering period of slots.


Symbol of the cherry (cherry)                                                                      Stylized luck

The appearance of the cherry as a symbol in slots is directly related to the BAR, the packs of chewing gum awarded as prizes during that time. From the first moments, cherries had a special role. Three cherries on the reels brought a prize regardless of their position.

Symbol of the cherry (cherry)

Cherries are among the most popular fruits. You eat them raw but you can also enjoy them in pie, jam or other cakes.

In addition, the “icing on the cake” is an expression that we use so often. Refers to the most enjoyable/valuable detail or aspect of a thing or event. However, as with pecans, the expression can also be used ironically with an unpleasant connotation.


Bell symbol                                                                                         The bell that rings the win

The first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell and was invented by Charles Fey in 1895. He also introduced the bell symbol to mark a combination that led to the highest possible win.

Bell symbol

The bell remained a beloved, pleasant symbol, expected by many players. Over time it has (mostly) retained its image and importance. Proof is the new games that put a special emphasis on this symbol in the game mechanics.

Successful symbols have become representative for players, familiar, easy to understand, interpret. It provides the feeling of security in the game, it provides familiar images and the retina is used to. Of course it also creates expectations, but that’s the charm of the game.

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